Black Friday Smart Watches Deals 2021

If you have your eyes on the best OPPO smartwatches since a while now, it is finally the ideal best time. Black Friday deals on smartwatches and OPPO bands should be the best thing ever for a lot of smart gadget lovers.  A lot of users wait for this time of the year just to get their preferable gadgets at the very best price. Now that the time is finally here, you will be able to shop your favourite bands and smartwatches. Whether you are a fitness enthusiast or the one who really likes managing their schedules with these tech gadgets, these prices will make it easy for you to buy instantly. 

What better than the time to get the best premium smartwatches at the best cost? Well, here we are with the best OPPO smartwatch black Friday discounts that will be available live on their official UK site. 



Measurements: 40.4mm x 17.6mm x 11.45mm 

Memory: 16 MB Storage 

Display: AMOLED Screen | 1.1" | 126 x 294 

Operating Systems: Android 6.0 or higher 

Battery: 100mAh  

Connectivity: Bluetooth: BLE 5.0 

Operating System: Android 6.0 or higher 

The OPPO band is a perfect gadget for fitness lovers, who need to track their everyday busy schedules and exercise routine. It has 12 workout modes to get into the best physical activity and health management. It is also reasonably budgeted for every user to easily get their hands on it, but the black Friday deal is going to make it even better.  

The automatic tracking and SpO2 monitoring in this OPPO band come with a broad functionality. This includes heart rate and sleep monitoring, variability of oxygen-levels and daily activity. The acceleration sensor in this OPPO watch assesses all the workouts and their timing including swimming, running, fat burn, badminton, swimming, Yoga and more. The band also features 50-meter water-resistance that allows users to use this band even under water while swimming or other sports.  

The oppo band also excels in battery life with 12 days or more lasting time. On a single charge and random usage hours, you can still get it ahead of the week. If you continuously use it for the day, the OPPO band doesn’t shut down which is a huge plus for everyday activists. 

OPPO Watch (Wifi)   

Watch 46mm Wifi - Watch 41mm Wifi



OPPO Watch 41mm 

OPPO Watch 46mm 





Rigid AMOLED Screen | 1.6" | 320 x 360  

AMOLED | Flexible Dual-Curved Display | 1.91" | 402×476 


Qualcomm® Snapdragon Wear™ 3100 

 Qualcomm® Snapdragon Wear™ 3100 


300mAh | Watch VOOC Flash Charging 

430mAh | Super VOOC Flash Charging 


Bluetooth: ®BT4.2,BLE 


Operating System

Wear OS by Google™ 

Wear OS by Google™ 




The OPPO Watch makes an attractive selection of smartwatch with excellent features and elegant design. It sports Wear operating system which is OPPO’s own OS for great speed and nice overall performance. The smooth performance of this smartwatch makes it one of the best choices to go for these types of gadgets. The two versions including 41mm and 46mm come with almost the same functionality except you get a bigger battery and display in 46mm version. 

The flexible dual-curved display featured in this smart watch can make users drool while flaunting it. You can monitor your heart rate, set reminders or alarms and also perform breathing exercises. You can also monitor your sleep using this smartwatch plus fitness fanatics can calculate their run time and more such activities. 

The battery performance and lasting time of the OPPO watch Wi-FI has the solid 21-day period. On a single charge you can almost use it more than two weeks which is probably the best factor to get in a smartwatch. For continuous usage with smart mode, the smartwatch runs longer than 36 hours which is brilliant for every day. In addition, the VOOC charging included in it charger it in just around an hour. 

Bottom Line 

The best black Friday deals can make your tech wardrobe wholesome and better for getting your favourite products in best prices. To check out the smartwatches and OPPO band we mentioned in our today’s article, all you got to do is lean on to the official OPPO UK Store. You can also avail free shipping on all the mainland orders in UK, plus there are additional student discounts available.