How to check if your Phone is Tapped

As the advancement in technology has made everything much easier and convenient, but it can also prove to be a threat for your privacy. We use our Android phones all day long and are connected to the world of internet which is not always safe. There are many potential hackers and nosy people waiting to invade your privacy.  

It does not matter whether you are a political personality, a celebrity, or even an everyday guy, you are never too safe. You should be aware of the fact that your phone can be tapped, tracked, or monitored. So, it is good to know how to check your phone and make sure it is not tapped. We are going to be talking about how you can check your phone to ensure your privacy is not in danger.  

Noises During Calls 

If we go a few years back, then it could have been possible to hear unusual noises during your calls. But now the telecommunication technology has become so advanced that it is not common to hear these noises while you are on the call. If you hear static, clicking sounds, or even distant voices while you are in the middle of conversation, then this can be an indicator that your phone is tapped.  

Battery Decreasing 

We know that the more programs or apps you run the more quickly your battery will go down. But if you have taken all the precautionary measures keep your battery running, like lowering brightness, closing background apps, or switching to power saver-mode, and still your battery is getting decreased rapidly then something is not right. Smartphones which are tapped will record conversation all the time or monitor your activities, which will result in your phone chewing through the battery life. Have your phone checked and see if there is something wrong with the battery of your phone or the phone itself. If there are no hardware issues, then it means your phone is tapped.  

Phone Shows Activity When not in Use 

When you are not using your phone and it is sitting idle then it should be as quite as a sleeping baby. When a phone is tapped or infected with a spyware, it will show unusual and random activities even while you are not using it. If a phone is tapped it will make noises and the lights will turn on and off without any reason. Sometimes phones will also reboot suddenly. All of these strange activities are sign of a tapped phone.  

Longer Waiting time when Shutdown 

It is pretty normal for your phone to take some time when you shut it down, as it will close all the programs and background apps. But this all only takes a few seconds. If you notice that your phone is taking unusually long time to shut down, then it can be due to your tapped phone. This happens because after you send an email, text message, use web browser, or make a call, the phone will first send information to the third party.  

Battery/ Phone Temperature 

When your phone is in use then it is normal for the temperature to rise a bit of your phone and battery. But if you are not using your phone and it has been lying around idle, but it still feels warm then it means it was secretly transmitting data. This can be another indicator of phone tap.  

Unusual Texts 

One of the remote features of a spy software works by sending you messages containing codes and random numbers. But you can also get such messages due to a faulty software or if it’s not working properly. But if everything is ok with your phone then it means that some one is snooping around your phone and your privacy is at risk.  

Final Word 

Whenever you feel that your phone might be tapped or getting monitored, you should keep the above-mentioned things in mind, and you will be able to keep your phone safe. Make sure to always have an anti-virus app installed in your phone and scan your phone for suspicious files regularly.  

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