The best One Wi-Fi smartwatch

If you're looking for the best smartwatch, there's no shortage of options. However, picking the ideal option for you isn't always easy, as there are a plethora of great wearables accessible, and the best for some people isn't always the best fit for your wrist. When shopping for one, there's a lot to consider, from their operating system to mobile phone compatibility, fitness features, price, specs, and more. 

The Oppo Watch is a good example of what industries can accomplish with the right software and hardware efforts. Even if its design is uninspired, credit must be given for how well the arched display - and this smartwatch overall - is executed. The Oppo Watch is among the best Wear OS smartwatches available for purchase. While this isn't a particularly noteworthy accomplishment, its quality design and hardware-software synergy are. Its design is like that of the Apple Watch, but there's a lot to like about it in terms of its amazing display and wellness modes.

Build and Design:

The Oppo wifi watch has a glass front that is dual-curved. It is a little thicker as compared to its competitors. The arched cover glass, wider band, and higher-quality materials all contribute to a more graceful overall appearance. Both feature waterproofing (so swim tracking is an option) and convenient quick-release bands. The display has one of the highest resolutions on any wearable at 402 x 476 (326ppi). Icons and texts were sufficiently sharp and clear, and individual pixels were not visible at standard displaying distances.


Oppo's implementation includes a dual-chip system with the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 for full functionality and an Ambiq Apollo 3 chipset for battery-saving mode. Wear OS is renowned for relying more on RAM than on the chipset by design. Fortunately, the Oppo Watch comes with an entire 1GB of it. The combination produces super responsive and smooth operations, which is still a remarkable achievement for Wear OS watches.

It wakes up quickly, responds quickly to taps and slides, and does not take too long to load. In terms of performance, we finally have a Wear OS watch worthy of a podium spot.


 Another aspect that the Oppo Watch excels at is fitness. For beginners, it has a heart-rate monitor on the back that checks and records your pulse on a regular basis. It can also notify you of any unusually high or low readings. GPS tracking is also built in to track your sprints or cycles. Everyone's favorite sedentary alert is also included, and it offers to start taking us through a rather lengthy session of exercises every hour.

Google Fit offers over a thousand exercise tracking options, including sports. This includes a variety of water sports such as kite surfing, but you really should avoid wearing your nice watch near saltwater.


The Oppo Watch's 430mAh battery lasts all day. Trying to push it with a notification-heavy workload, 24 hrs sleep tracking, is no problem. I was able to get a full 24 hours of use although with the always-on display turned on. With softer workloads, the watch should conveniently last the entire day and a portion of the next. If you intend to go off the grid for an extended period, the Oppo Watch's power saver mode will come in handy. In this mode, the watch disables Wear OS completely. Instead, you're given a basic clock face with just a few fitness functions. The mode still allows you to receive text notifications, verify the time, track steps and pulse rate, and effectively turn the Oppo Watch into a watch.


Ram: 1 GB

Rom: 8 GB

Resolution: 402X476

Connectivity: BLE, Bluetooth, BT4.2

Display: AMOLED

Battery: 430mAh



  • Decent design
  • Amazing display
  • Works smoothly
  • Excellent build
  • Amazing battery life


  • Mediocre fitness functionality
  • Heavy

Bottom line:

The Oppo Watch is focused on what users care about: a stylish look, outstanding fit and finish, and dependability. It doesn't throw everything at it, and that clean and simple approach works in its favor.

The software is clean and easy to use, and the battery life lasts a full day and a bit more, allowing for activities like sleep tracking. The screen is visually spectacular, and the build quality is excellent. The Oppo Watch is a safe bet for anyone looking to get their feet wet with the Wear OS smartwatch experience.

You can get your hands on this OPPO Wi-Fi smartwatch at the Oppo online store.