Perfect 5G Signal Solution in Find X5 Pro

Everyone is getting benefits from 5G.  You can make video calls, stream movies, play games, etc. in a few years, it is to be expected that 5g will expand to one-third of the world population. If you want to get the most out of your 5G experience, you'll need a smartphone that's up to the task. All too often, handsets provide a poor user experience due to low signal and interference, resulting in slower speeds, limiting 5G's true potential. In OPPO smartphones the engineers have made sure that the experience is unparalleled. The 5g connection by OPPO is stable and uncompromised.  

The signals of the smartphone depend on the antenna and the position of the antenna in the smartphone. Sometimes when the user covers the antenna with his/her hand, the quality of the signal degrades. In 2020, OPPO used 360- a degree antenna in Reno 3. The antenna was grouped along with the outer frame of Reno 3's frame in an innovative design. This allowed the antenna to receive a better signal whether it was held vertically or horizontally. This was especially important for gamers. Many AAA smartphone games are played horizontally to maximize screen space. 

The 360 degrees solved the problem of unreliable connection but then there was another problem. The fact is that in today's modern world, people everywhere expect fast 5G speeds for intensive tasks like gaming. Users may be using their phones in difficult environments such as trains or parking lots, which results in dropped connections, lag, and low signals. To solve this problem, a Power Amplifier was introduced. It helps in proving the stable and strong connection to the users.  

When the frequency band antenna is being used, the signal becomes very unstable within the handset's internal space. To address this issue, OPPO's engineers developed a solution that skillfully blends hardware and software to improve the antenna layout, as well as including not one, but two PA components. To solve this problem Dual PA Four-way connection system was introduced. It was introduced in the OPPO Find X5 pro 

A crucial component helped in solving this problem. It enables the phone to automatically select the PA that is best suited for receiving and receiving signals at any given time. Not only does this improve the efficiency of the PA system. The location also corresponds closely to their respective antenna bands. This improves both signal quality and power consumption. 

Even on the 4G bands, there is a Dual PA Four-way connection system. It results in fast and powerful signals. The gaming and streaming experience gets better because there is no stutter or lag.  It is tested in the laboratory that even when the signal is weak, the freezes of Find X5 Pro will be lower. The freezes are 50% and latency is 30% lower as compared to Find X3 Pro. 

OPPO has always prioritized quality communication, which was reinforced in 2015 by the formation of a communication standards team. OPPO has spent the last few years actively encouraging the adoption and development of 5G around the world. OPPO has submitted 5G communication standard patents in more than 25 regions and countries. In fact, in 2021, OPPO was named one of the top ten companies in the world for having the most 5G-specific patents. 

OPPO has made innovations with Find X3 Pro and Reno 5G. These are the first 5G standalone supporting smartphones in Europe. There is more innovation and research for Find X5 Pro. The OPPO is committed to bringing innovations to the industry. OPPO constantly works on providing the best experience to the users.  

Bottom line: 

OPPO works on chip suppliers to optimize and refine the capabilities. It explores the antenna solutions, possibilities, and partnerships beyond 5G. OPPO keeps on working towards excellence. Every new product has more features and innovations than the prior product. This passion ensures that the future is brighter for all of us.