How do I clear Cookies from My Phone?

Cookies are basically text files that are sent to your smartphones or other devices by the website which you are visiting. It includes small pieces of information like username and passwords. When you visit a website and accept cookies these files are saved in your browser. Cookies are also able to collect and track some data from your browser which is sent to the website.  

Although the cookies occupy very little space, and you won’t even know they are saved in your phones or other computing devices, but if these cookies are saved in your device for a long period of time, they can affect your overall experience by slowing down your processing speed. Luckily you can clear the cookies from your Android phones and other devices. We are going to talking about everything there is to know about cookies. So let us not waste any more time and get right to it.  

What are Cookies Used For? 

Cookies are used by a website to make your online experience much smoother and better. It can save information, so you never get to enter the same information again and again. Thanks to cookies you don’t need to enter the login information again and again if you leave a website, or to rebuild a cart if you accidently close the page.  

How to Clear Cookies on Android Phones 

Clearing cookies is pretty easy and simple task to do. Below mentioned are some steps which you can follow to clear cookies form your smartphones. 

  • If you are using Android phones, then open the browser or Google Chrome app. 
  • Tap on the three buttons you see on the top right corner of your browser. 
  • Tap on History and then select Clear Browsing Data. 
  • Then you will be needed to choose a time range. Select All Time which will delete everything. 
  • Then tap on Cookies and Site data, then tap clear data and all the data will be cleared.  

Clearing Cookies in iPhones

If you are using an iPhone or other iOS devices, then you can also clear the cookies and other website data easily. 

  • All you have to do is go to settings and then select Safari. 
  • Then tap on Clear History and Website Data. 
  • If you only want to clear the cookies and not history, then go to settings and then Safari. Then select Advance and after that choose Website data.  
  • After that just select remove All Website data. 

Should you clear your cookies? 

If you are using a public computer or anything like that, then it is recommended that you clear cookies immediately after using. But if you use internet on your Android phones, then it is advised that you clear cookies once every month. You can also clear cookies and cached data when you are feeling a low performance of your browser. Deleting cookies will not affect any of your saved files but it will remove some of the login information and you might have to sign-in to websites again. Other than that, it is absolutely safe to clear cookies data.  

Final Word 

Well, there you have it, this was the article, and we hope it covered everything you needed to know. These were some really easy ways to clear the cookie data on your Android phones and other devices. It is always good to clear the cookies after a short interval of time, so you never get to face any lack in the performance. 

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