How to dry a Wet Cell Phone Quickly

It’s not very unusual to get your phone wet accidentally or it may fall off. A lot of us are mostly around water with activities like washing dishes, swimming in the pool, or taking a bath. The real concern here is what if your phone gets wet and you scared about it to get any damage. Well, here we are with the best ways to dry your phone instantly and not cause any trouble due to it. 

The number one thing to consider is checking whether your phone has IPX6, IPX7 or IPX8. If you have this protection added in your smartphone, you shouldn’t be worried at all either way. A water-resistant surface on the phone means you can absolutely save it from any destruction that water could do to it. On the other hand, even if your smartphone doesn’t have this safety layer added into its glass or surface, you can still save it. 

We have listed the top ways on how to dry a wet phone quicker than ever. Plus, you can also apply some of the unusual tricks to get it safe from extreme conditions. 

Make sure to remove the phone from water ASAP 

Now that’s a very obvious thing to state but some of you might take it lightly. The essentially first thing to do is getting your phone far away from the water as quickly as you can. If you are one of those who may think it is okay and just wait until you can easily reach your phone to get out from water, you are at fault. You must always swiftly get your phone out of the water as soon as possible. 

Turn off your phone 

Whether or not your phone is working, you still should turn off your phone just when it hits the water. This will help your phone to not get distorted by the water for any of its functionality. Also, if you leave your phone on, it can also cause short circuit which will eventually lead to damage. Consider your phone to be waterlogged even if it’s working and don’t go checking whether apps or programs are clickable. 

Remove Battery (if its removable), SIM and SD card 

It’s important that you remove your cellphones battery if it has a removable battery cover. As much as the water gets inside your phone, the battery may be affected. As a result, you may have a battery problem or charging issues. To prevent your phone from any such kind of damage or troubled battery, the immediate thing to do is get the battery out. The SIM card and memory must also be removed from the tray. Just pop out the side tray where the SIM and SD card are located. Get all the cards out as these are easily savable from water as well so you will already take precautionary steps. 

Get the Phone out from Protective Case 

Mostly the phones have the case that users have bought as an extra safety measure. Your phone is directly attached to accessories like case or anything else. So, the necessary thing to do is wiping the case or cover with the towel and then removing it instantly. This will also help the phone to get affected by water residue that might remain on the case or accessories. 

Lint-free or Dry Towels  

As soon as you remove the connected accessories from your phone, you should grab a lint-free or quick-dry towel. A micro-fiber cloth will also work amazingly with the water that is left on your phone. The crucial thing to take care off is not to push the towel forcefully against the surface or glass. Areas like ports, headphone jack or cards slot must not be wiped with a push as water may go inside. However, you should still take care of fulling trying to take out the moisture off of the phone with towel.  

Make sure to: 

  • Not shake your phone while cleansing it with the towel or whenever you are wiping out any liquids. Do not move it randomly because it can’t then result into the water going inside.  
  • Never use drying machines like blow dryer, clothes drying machine, microwave, oven, or anything like that. Devices like these might get excessive heat into your phone and damage it more.  

Try a small Vacuum Cleaner or Air Compressor 

Yes! You read that right. But don’t take it to a massive term. Using a vacuum cleaner with the smaller tip after opening the phone and getting it in just the right areas will be pretty useful. Get a hose attachment with the phone for using it in all areas but make sure to not get it in any unsafe spots. As long as you get any noise of the water sucking, you are good to go. But don’t overdo it repeatedly.  

You can also use a compact mechanical air compressor that takes out all of the remaining water. Just blow air from your mouth and use the compressor to take out the liquids from any corners. Make sure to turn on the compressor with the low psi rating so you don’t get any external damage into the phone. 

A desiccant or Rice 

Using a desiccant or rice for the wet smartphone can also help big time. Silica gel packets are actually the best substance to use to dry out your cellphone. Just fill them up in a bowl or tray and put your cellphone in that dish for a while or so. Another thing to use is rice and place your mobile surrounding the rice and putting them on your phone’s screen as well. 

Bottom Line 

A lot of ways through which you will be able to dry a wet cell phone, or your android phones quickly have been already mentioned. If you have a lot of activities related to water like swimming or pool yoga, you can focus on buying a water-resistant phone. One can explore a huge variety of IPX4 and IPX6 phones in the market that come with water-resistant surface and latest technology. 

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