mobile revolution

The mobile phone technology has rapidly enhanced in the last few years. There was a time when mobile phones were used only for calling and receiving calls, or to send a few text messages as well. But now there is nothing you can’t do on your mobile phone. You can make phone calls send and receive text messages. In addition to this you can surf internet at a lightning fast speed, which lets you stream or download 4K videos, while also allowing you to make videocalls as well. Downloading your favourite apps and music is not an issue anymore. You can even play high-end games on the latest smartphones now a days. Plus, you can also perform your work related tasks on a mobile phone too. What more could you want? 

Fastest Adopted Technology: 

Mobile technology is without a doubt the fastest adopted technology you will ever see. More and more consumers are subscribing to mobile phone network, while the cost per megabyte is constantly decreasing. It has decreased almost 99% in past few years. The 3G, 4G, or 5G standards of consumer adoption has outpaced, and grown to almost more than 3 billion. It is also projected to exceed 8 billion connections, while the mobile phone infrastructure cost has decreased drastically. From 2G to 3G there is a 95% cost reduction and further 67% drop from 3G to 4G, and even more from 4G to 5G. Whereas the mobile data-transmission speeds have increased and blasted out of the roof.

Key Factor for Growth of SMEs: 

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have seen the benefit of mobile phone technology, in a major way. It is seen in many studies that the SMEs, which have adopted to mobile technology, showed major growth as compared to those which haven’t adopted. These SMEs saw two times faster growth in their revenues, while adding jobs 8 times faster than other enterprises.  

Global Economic Growth: 

It is safe to say that the mobile phone industry contributes a in a major way, in the economic global growth. Mobile phone industries are responsible for generating $3.3 trillion revenue. It is also responsible for creating more than 11 million jobs. Mobile phone companies contribute more than $2 trillion in GDP. It fairly picks up the overall economy and creates more revenue. 

Investment in Infrastructure and R&D: 

Mobile phone companies spend a good amount of money on the research, required to develop and produce the new innovative technologies. These companies invest on the infrastructure and strive to maintain an innovative environment, so that investors can invest in the research for new technologies in a carefree manner. 

Revenue from Mobile Devices & Accessories: 

Mobile consumers are adopting to the new technology quite rapidly. These consumers want more and more power and speed in their connections as well as devices. Manufacturing the mobile devices and mobile accessories creates the revenue, which boosts the economy and enhances the mobile business at the same time. The communication services also contribute in a big way to impact the economy. Mobile site operations and mobile operator services alone, generate a multi-billion dollar worth of revenue every year.  

Innovation and Growth: 

The mobile phone users are constantly looking for innovative products, which will make their lives much easier. According to one survey, most of the people are willing to leave other luxuries or even basic necessities, just to keep their cell phones. A smartphone has become basic necessity for most of the people now a days and rightfully so. You can do anything you want on this small device, which you hold in your hand. To fulfil the needs of consumers these companies are constantly investing on the research, manufacture, and development of new technologies, which is ultimately driving in trillions of dollars to the economy. There are uncountable benefits and advantage of mobile phone. So, we hope you got to know how important the new technology of mobile phones is, for consumers as well as for the revenue. If you want to enjoy innovative and state of the art mobile phone technologies, then make sure to visit and choose from a wide collection of OPPO smartphones