OPPO’s latest AI technology can make your digital avatar with just a few smartphones

Suppose a scenario where you have a digital version of yourself that can dance and is no longer restricted by your body. It looks like the plot of a fictional movie. OPPO reveals its "structured local radiation fields" for human avatar modeling, which are advanced enough to quickly learn loose appearance and skeleton motion modeling. With just a few smartphones, OPPO’s modern AI technology can create realistic 3D animated digital avatars of you dancing by analysing RGB data. For the first time ever, OPPO has crafted dynamic digital avatars with its cutting-edge AI model to provide people with a digital life full of unlimited possibilities. 

Curious to know how OPPO has achieved this much advancement in the field of human avatar modeling? You can get an answer to your query by entering the OPPO Digital Avatar Lab, a place where you can see a few OPPO Find X5 smartphones collecting data about the human body. After recording, OPPO's AI analyses RGB videos to reduce the reconstruction errors that are common when using traditional methods.The innovative AI-based technology by OPPO creates a set of structured local radiance fields on pre-defined nodes to support the motion of a professional dancer’s skeleton for a realistic visual animation. 

To factorise cloth deformation into skeleton motions, each local radiance field puts forward the appearance and shape in the local space around its corresponding node. This integration also improves the complicated flexible deformations caused by residual movements in clothing. It pushes the avatar to learn different dancing moves according to body poses. OPPO is also working on making the model favour more scenarios based on distinct interactions. 

The dynamic and expressive digital avatar is created within a few hours through neural scene rendering, which encodes the dance moves using neural networks. It makes the girl dance smoothly with her captivating floral attire. This ultra-realistic digital dance experience has been achieved by using structured local radiance fields for OPPO’s human avatar modelling method. The China-based leading technology giant, OPPO, unveiled this method at this year’s Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Conference (CVPR). 

Looking back in time, one of the main drawbacks of traditional 3D modelling methods was their inability to observe the deformation of clothing on different humans. By improving neural radiance fields and the dynamic character model method, which employs various neural scene rendering techniques, OPPO takes the lead in overcoming those challenges. While the core of the method is the AI algorithm, which leverages structured local radiance fields attached to a series of pre-defined points on the human body. 

The structured local fields are then modelled in a coarse-to-fine way with three groups of variables, such as the body positions as the coarsest level, the radiance fields as the middle level, and the dynamic details of the local radiance fields as the finest level. These interventions really help in addressing the blurry appearance. OPPO has trained its all-new AI algorithm to learn the movement of clothes. It can now understand details such as hemlines, logos, wrinkles, and fabric texture. 

The OPPO's proprietary Human Avatar Model is very authentic, and it guides you through the entire process of automatically creating a 3D 1:1 digital portrait. The futuristic method is well-tailored to remove the restrictions that hinder people from expressing themselves in a digital world. 

OPPO achieved enormous success when it practically applied the method into many unusual parts of human lives, including AI fitness instruction, virtual clothes fitting, and the creation of lifelike avatars in the VR and AR world. It also assists the game developers in designing more appealing characters and animation with only one body template. OPPO aims to make a difference in the world through technology and artificial intelligence (AI). We can create unrelenting experiences in fashion, entertainment, communication, and more.