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  1. What is 5G Technology and how do 5g Mobile Phones work?

    5G Technology

    5g is the hot topic these days. But not many people know what is 5g? 

    5g technology is the fifth generation for mobile networks. It is an improved version of previous mobile networks, i.e., 2G,3G,45. It offers higher speed, reliability, and great capacity.  

    How does 5g mobile phone work? 

    The information is carried by the radio frequencies in wireless communication. 5g works on the same principle but less cluttered higher radio frequencies. It means that 5g works on different frequency bands. They are called millimeter waves. They had largely gone unnoticed by the general public because the necessary equipment was both inaccessible and prohibitively expensive. 

    5g smartphones are smartphones that can support 5g connectivity and features. 5g can’t work properly on 4g phones as new hardware is required for connecting to 5g.  

    While higher bands carry information faster, there may be issues when sending over long distances. Physical objects such as buildings and trees can easily obstruct them. To address this issue, 5G will employ multiple entries and exit antennae to boost s

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  2. Latest OPPO Watch Free Review

    latest OPPO watch free

    OPPO watch free is an entry-level affordable smartwatch. This smartwatch leans towards fitness and health tracking. It comes with the SPO2 and snores tracking feature. It doesn’t have GPS or NFC functionality. It also doesn’t support third-party apps. These missing features, on the other hand, are likely to contribute to its impressive battery life of up to 2 weeks, based on your usage. 

    It comes in black and vanilla color. The AMOLED screen is rectangular. It gives the vibes of a typical fitness tracker.  The display is responsive, bright, and sharp. The watch feels light and comfortable. It only weighs 33g, you can wear it while sleeping. Therefore, it has “Free” in the title. The lightweight design gives the wrist a "free" feeling and can realize the OSleep full-scene sleep monitoring function. It is used to protect the user's healthy sleep: health functions and professional sports, as well as a diverse interconnection and intelligent experience. 


    OPPO Watch Free maintains the OPPO family's stylish appearance. The dial features a 1.64-inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of 280456 and a 2.5D curved glass front. The screen's edge is slightly curved, and the dial's rim is also avoided. Come to cut the hand's feel. 

    The benefit of using an AMOLED screen is that the color display e

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  3. How to Enable Screen Recording on OPPO Mobile Phone

    Enable Screen Recording on OPPO Mobile Phone

    OPPO is one of the leading smartphone brands. It has a wide range of phones including 5g phones as well. It has an amazingly simple and user-friendly interface.

    You can record the operations on your home screen using the Screen Recording feature. You can also record with sound, change the video resolution, and record with touchpoints. Keep reading this easy guide we created below to learn how to screen record on your OPPO phone.

    Why should we record the screen?

    When you consider the recording screen, such as when creating tutorials to explain something, there are several changes. In these cases, you will need a good screen recorder to capture the screen of high quality. Let us look at some of the advantages of the recording screen. Furthermore, we would demonstrate a simple screen recording process in OPPO or other Android phones.

    Screen recording on OPPO Phone

    OPPO's screen recording function enables users to share their smartphone's activities. You can also customize the way you screen record. You can adjust the video quality and enable your microphone while recording.

    If you are wondering why you would want to record the screen, here is your answer!

    • Users can save online conference calls and videos.
    • Gaming can also be recorded.
    • You can demonstrate an app feature or new function on the Android phone.
    • Explain a document or process.

    Enable screen recording

    ColorOs 7.0-ColorOS 12:

    • Swipe down the screen and select the control center.
    • Then select a screen recording.
    • Now a toolbar with screen recording on it will appear.
    • Select Tap to start the recording.
    • After you are done with the recording, select Stop.
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  4. How to Design the Perfect Home screen For You

    How to Design the Perfect Home screen For You

    The home screen of your app is the most important screen. This is the first screen that users view and the one that they use to navigate your program. This blog will show you how to make the home screen of android phones more appealing using various tips and methods. 

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  5. Must Have Apps for Walkers and Hikers

    Must Have Apps for Walkers and Hikers

    A lot of physical activities can enhance adventure to another level, but hiking has to top the favorites list. Most of the athletes, travelers, and vacay-lovers prefer going on a hike or walking the locations thoroughly. If you are one of those and wondering about the best hiking apps, we are here to help you out.  Even if you have the best 5G phones in your pocket, there is an app requirement for walking trails and hiking mountains. Google maps is great for the basic necessities, but one needs dedicated apps for extensive exploration. These apps cannot only double your overall travel experience but enhance your trip quality. 

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  6. Benefits of Trade in Your Phones with OPPO Store

    Benefits of Trade in Your Phones with OPPO Store

    The number of benefits that you can get from trading in your old mobile phones are a lot more than selling it. We have stated the most obvious benefits and reasons on why you should consider doing it. However, when it comes to OPPO, one can enjoy ax extra bit of advantages on their ‘trade-in’ phones. If you are looking for the best trade-in programs, you can visit OPPO Trade offers on its online store. 

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  7. 7 Essential Smartphone Holiday Tips

    7 Essential Smartphone Holiday Tips

    If you are going on a holiday, your smartphone is most probably going with you. Android phones are the ultimate travel companion: we use them for navigation, communication, research, hailing a cab, social sharing, and taking photos and videos.

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  8. The Best Mobile Apps for Exploring New Places

    The Best Mobile Apps for Exploring New Places

    Having the best traveling apps in your mobile phone will not only make your experience wholesome but enhance the exploration. Whether it is about knowing the routes, visiting the most recommended or hidden spots, or figuring out which location to go first, these apps can be a supporting hand. We have listed down the must-have downloaded apps that you should consider downloading before exploring. If you are a beginner who is traveling for one of your first times, or even an experienced traveler, these apps can be your traveling partner.

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  9. The Best 5G Handsets

    The Best 5G Handsets

    The best 5G handsets can be one of the best tech gadget experiences for anyone, but only if you choose wisely. We have made sure to make it way easier for you for choosing amongst the finest performing mobile phones with 5G technology. You can also visit the official OPPO store online in the UK for checking all of the above-mentioned phones.

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  10. OPPO Find N Foldable Phone: Everything you Need to Know

    OPPO Find N foldable phone

    Unveiling of the OPPO Find N - what can we expect to see? 

    In 2019, Tech manufacturer OPPO teased the start of their journey within the foldable smartphone market. One year later and the public were introduced to some prototypes of the proposed OPPO foldable phone. Now it’s not long before we get to see this new creation come to life, in the form of the OPPO Find N. Much like other competing android phones, this latest addition to the OPPO Find range offers a screen which folds in half together. So, what makes the OPPO Find N the new benchmark for foldables? 

    For starters, OPPO phones are known for thinking outside of the box and delivering something new and spectacular every time, and as for the trademark foldable screen, OPPO hasn’t gone for your average long, vertical screen. When opened, the display is a more ‘square shaped’ type of screen. And what’s more, the Find N is equipped with a 7 to 8-inch AMOLED flexible display, making it the perfect travel companion for watching films and working all whilst fitting in your pocket with ease. 

    In addition to this android smartphone’s advanced fold technology, there are also cutting edge cameras to accompany it. OPPO has suggested that the phone will include: a triple rear camera including a f/1.8 aperture, 50-megapixel primary sensor and generous 4096×3072-pixel resolution. Perfect for photographers, creatives and families alike!  

    To complement the smartphone’s new and innovative camera technology, the OPPO Find N is rumored to feature the most powerful snapdragon 888 5G processor a

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