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  1. How to Enhance Privacy on your Android Phone

    How to Enhance Privacy on your Android Phone

    It’s a tech world we live in, and everyone is connected to the technology in one way or the other. We use Android phones for different purposes all day long and it has a lot of our personal data. It is really important to keep your phone safe because your personal data should never be compromised.  

    There are many potential hackers and nosy people just waiting to invade your privacy. That is the reason you should keep your phone safe and secure your privacy by taking all the precautionary measures. If you also need to enhance the privacy on your Android phones, then you don’t need to worry. We are going to be telling you guys about how you can keep your privacy safe on your phone. So, stick around and find out. 

    Lock Screen  

    Well first things first, you need to always keep your phone’s screen locked. In addition to that you need to put a password or a pattern lock on it so no one except you can unlock your phone. It is never safe to leave your phone lying around without a lock screen password or pattern. If your phone features a face recognition or fingerprint scanner then you can also go for that too. This will not allow anyone snooping around in your phone.  

    Limit the Lock Screen 

    You might have seen it a thousand times that the notifications of text messages or emails are shown even while the home screen is locked. It can be really convenient but also it can be really revealing. If someone is sitting by your side, then that person can e

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  2. How to Automatically Record Phone Calls on Android

    How to Automatically Record Phone Calls Android

    Recording a phone call might not be exactly easy since the latest versions of android have stopped including built-in voice recorder. For some phones, it is still way easier and can be done just with an instant process. There are also number of third-part apps that allow you to record calls very quickly along with other features. 

    It also depends on the area you live and the restrictions about whether the state has allowed recording calls. This is certainly because for some regions the main concern is privacy and security. Although, still professional conference calls and other important call sessions require recording. Some people also need to maintain their call recording list for professional purposes while other may need for keeping essential memories together. 

    There are more than one ways that enable common users to record ample amount of phone calls every day. We have listed down the top methods through which you can easily record calls from your android phone. 

    Google Voice App 

    The Google voice application enables an easy procedure to record calls. If your phone does not have the Google voice by default, you can go check it out in the Play store to activate it. Follow below steps to record calls whenever you need it 

    • From the Google Voice setting, go to the “Calls and Incoming call options”. 
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  3. OPPO Lens Of Inspiration

    OPPO Lens Of Inspiration


    The past months OPPO and New Designers went on a journey to discover Britain’s next iconic fashion print. The #OPPOLensofInspiration competition asked 10 emerging designers to capture their work and the details of their prints with the OPPO Find X3 Pro microlens camera feature, which offers a closer look to things that cannot be seen directly by the naked-eye.

    Following a long and hard competition Rosie Southerden was our winner. She used the microlens on the Find X3 Pro to find inspiration for her pattern from lichen and bernacles, from her coastal town of Cornwall. The unique shot was transformed into a striking pattern on a stunning two-piece set, printed on recycled cotton jersey.

    Find out more about the Find X3 Pro smartphone and it’s microlens camera here: oppo.com/uk/find-x3-pro



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  4. How to reduce photo file size on android phone

    How to reduce photo file size on android phone

    It is safe to say that the smartphone which you are using currently has hundreds of pictures in it. You take pictures on your phone to cherish memories or save pictures which you use while posting memes on social media. But the photos and pictures present on your smartphones are not always of the desired size. 

    This becomes a problem when you are trying to send or upload a photo where there is strict size limit. But you don’t need to worry because you can reduce the size of photos or pictures on your Android mobile phones, as per your needs and preferences 

    Why you need to reduce the size of pictures? 

    Before we get into anything let us find out why is it good to reduce the size of your pictures. There are a number of reasons why this can be beneficial for you and some of them are mentioned below. So, stick around and find out. 

    • The first thing is that reducing the size of pictures can give you better proportions. If you are a photo or multimedia editor, then you might know what we are talking about. This gives you better height and width proportion of the image, so you can edit it more accurately on your editing apps.  
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  5. How to Retrieve Deleted Phone Numbers on Android

    How to Retrieve Deleted Phone Numbers on Android

    How to retrieve deleted phone numbers on android

    Smartphones are used for more reasons than one for your personal and professional needs. There is a huge amount of data which is stored in your Android phones. The most important kind of data is probably the contacts you have saved on your phone. If you lose your contacts due to any reason or delete a contact by mistake, then it can be a big problem. It is not always easy to retrieve your deleted phone numbers, but it is not impossible.

    There are a number of ways and methods through which you can retrieve the deleted phone numbers on your Android phones. So, if you want to retrieve a phone number which you just deleted by mistake, then you don’t need to worry. We are going to be sharing with you guys the best ways to retrieve a contact on your smartphones. Let us not waste any more time and get right to it.

    Retrieve Contact Through Gmail

    The easiest method to retrieve your contacts is by using your Gmail account. The first thing you do when you setup a new Android phone is obviously store Gmail or log in to your account, because you need to use Google services like PlayStore and many others. Whenever you setup your Gmail account on your phone the data like contacts and other info are automatically synced.

    • Open Gmail on your phone or computer. If you are going to open Gmail on your computer, then make sure to sign in with the same account which is signed in on your phone. Once you open Gmail go to the People & Sharing option.
    • Scroll down and you will see the Contacts o
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  6. Most Productive Ways to Spend Time on Android Smartphones

    Most productive ways to spend time on an Android Smartphones

    Android smartphones are the most used smart devices in this day and age. People use smartphones all day long for different purposes. You are always spending time on your phones but that does not mean that it is always productive. It is really easy to kill time on your phone but the better thing to do is to spend that time in a productive way and not just waste it.  

    We are going to be sharing with you guys some of the tips and ways to spend time on your Android smartphones in the most productive ways. So, next time you get bored or have free time, you should keep the below mentioned things in mind and you will be good to go.  

    Read an E Book or listen to an Audio Book 

    The best way to kill time is to read a book. It might sound old fashioned, but this is the most productive thing to do in your free time. You can learn a lot and the words you read or listen to will stay with you for a lifetime. You can benefit from a book in more ways than you can even imagine. So, when you have free time with your phone and don’t know what to do, you should just open an E book to read. This is much better than just scrolling through social media. There are many apps which give you the freedom to read E books or listen to audio books without having to spend any money. These apps are absolutely free and offer a wide collection of great books to choose from. If you are a visual person, you can read it and if you are a multitasker then you can listen to audio book while you are performing your other tasks.  

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  7. Track your Android Device without WiFi or data: How it works

    Track your Android Device without WiFi or data: How it works

    Android phones are so much more than just a phone these days. A phone is your entertainment hub, workstation, your personal secretary, and an organizer. Losing your phone is like losing your mind and your life, because you have a huge amount of data on your phone which is nearly impossible to retrieve completely.

    You can easily find a phone if it is connected to a Wi-Fi or data internet. But what if your Android phone is not connected to the internet? Well, you don’t have to worry because there are some ways in which you can also find your lost phone even without the internet. If you are looking to find your Android phones without Wi-Fi or data internet then you are in luck, because we are going to be telling you guys some ways in which you can do that. Let us not waste any more time and get right to it.

    Finding Android Phones without Internet

    It is a pretty easy and simple method which involves installing an app in your phone known as “Where’s my droid”. You need to install this app in your phone and give all the corresponding permissions for GPS. This will require making an account and it is recommended that you make it with your Gmail account.

    Assign a name and grant it necessary permissions to complete the setup and go to the application panel. When you are done with it you will see the “Bell and GPS” options which are absolutely free. This can help you track your Android phones even if it does not have an internet connection.

    To locate your phone with this account which you just made, you will be required to go to the official website of

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  8. How to use Phone as a Hotspot?

    How to use your Phone as a Hotspot?

    It is a smart world we live in, and everyone is connected to the internet in one way or the other. But you need to have a Wi-Fi or any other internet connection to surf the world of internet on your devices. If you don’t have a connection or your Wi-Fi is not working, then you don’t need to worry because you can also use your Android phones as a hotspot to provide internet for other devices.

    Android Phones

    If you are using an Android phone which is running on Android 2.2 or higher operating system, then you can use it as a hotspot.

    All you need to do is go to the settings and look for Mobile Hotspot or Tethering option. Tap on it and it will take you to a new window where you will need to set a name and a password. There you have it you can now use your phone as a hotspot.


    If you have an iPhone, then you might be familiar with the settings really well. You must have seen the Personal Hotspot option many times at the bottom of the settings window. This will turn your iPhone into a hotspot for your other devices. Tap on it to turn it on. Once you tapped on it you will see the options to set a name and password. When you successfully set the name and password you can use the hotspot in a carefree manner.

    Connecting a Device with Hotspot

    Connecting a device with hotspot is just like connecting it to any other Wi-Fi connection. You

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  9. Black Friday Smart Watches Deals 2021

    Black Friday Smart Watches Deals 2021

    If you have your eyes on the best OPPO smartwatches since a while now, it is finally the ideal best time. Black Friday deals on smartwatches and OPPO bands should be the best thing ever for a lot of smart gadget lovers.  A lot of users wait for this time of the year just to get their preferable gadgets at the very best price. Now that the time is finally here, you will be able to shop your favourite bands and smartwatches. Whether you are a fitness enthusiast or the one who really likes managing their schedules with these tech gadgets, these prices will make it easy for you to buy instantly. 

    What better than the time to get the best premium smartwatches at the best cost? Well, here we are with the best OPPO smartwatch black Friday discounts that will be available live on their official UK site. 

    OPPO Band


    Measurements: 40.4mm x 17.6mm x 11.45mm 

    Memory: 16 MB Storage 

    Display: AMOLED Screen | 1.1" | 126 x 294 

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  10. How to Track OPPO Mobile Phone?

    How to Track OPPO Mobile Phone?

    There should always be precautionary measures taken to track your android smartphone. Whether it is OPPO mobile phone or any other, we do have certain ways that can help us track them anytime. To track OPPO 5g mobile phones, we have very convenient and easy-to-use methods through which you can do it. 

    If you have forgotten after keeping your OPPO phone somewhere, or your OPPO mobile is left or lost, you can track it with the following method. But firstly, you must also have your own Google account connected to the phone that can help you link through the finding site or app. 

    The number one platform that can help track OPPO mobile phones is the Google Find my device application or website. But the only case requirement should be that your phone must be connected to the same Google account as you will use on the app.  

    Conditions to track OPPO Mobile Using Google Find My Device 

    • OPPO phone must be turned on. 
    • Location/GPS is switched on. 
    • Wi-Fi or mobile data should be running on the phone. 
    • The Google account which you are currently using for the app must also be logged in the phone. 
    • Phone should be connected with a contact number that can make it ring through the account. 
    • The Find my device app or settings should be
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