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  1. Best 256 GB Internal Memory Mobile

    Best 256 GB Internal Memory Mobile

    What do you look for in a smartphone? Of course, majority of the people want a huge storage space in a mobile phone. The wide memory and storage space affects the overall mobile phone experience. It affects the overall performing and processing speed of your phone. A huge storage space means that you can store all you want in a carefree manner. 256GB storage space is quite standard in a mobile phone. It is adequate for you guys to store all the apps, and even have enough space left for other stuff as well. The perfect combination is a 12GB RAM mobile with 256GB ROM. We know, now you guys will ask what is a best phone with such internal memory? Well have no fear when we are here. We are going to review a best OPPO 5G phone for you guys so stick around.

    OPPO Find X2

    You will find every thing you need in Find

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  2. Which OPPO Phone is 5G?

    Which OPPO Phone is 5G?

    Whenever you think of latest 5G mobile phones, the first thing that comes to your mind is an OPPO phone. OPPO has been in the tech world for a long time, and it has never failed to provide its customers the best quality products. Good quality OPPO phones have all the power you need, to keep yourself productive and entertained all day long. Now a days people are more connected with the world than ever. You need to have all the information on the palm of your hands. Phones with 5G technology provide you the best features and specs, for all your mobile phone needs. Which are the best OPPO phones for you, you ask? Well, we are here to let you guys know. We are going to tell you which OPPO phones have 5G. So let us just get right to it.

    Find X2 Pro 5G

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  3. Best Android Phones with 12GB of RAM: What are Your Best Options?

    Best 5G Android smartphones with 12GB RAM

    With the emergence of 5G Android Smartphones, the mobile market is seeing some new trends. Consumers are now preferring phones with 12GB of RAM over 8GB of RAM mobiles. This seems like a valid choice considering the fact that users now tend to do most of their work on smartphones. The emerging mobile gaming industry is another reason why people in 2021 are looking for 12GB RAM smartphones.

    But what are the best options for users when it comes to 5G Android smartphones? Well, OPPO has a winner here too, the latest OPPO 5G phone: The Find X3.

    Best 5G Android smartphones with 12GB RAM

    Find X3 is one of the best smartphones with HDR Camera setup. Plus, the hardware on it contends with the best flagship phones of 2021. It has three different variants and each has unique features that are hard to overlook. However, we are only going to discuss the two of these: Find X3 Neo and Find X3 Pro.

    Both have a 12GB RAM, quad-camera setup, and a dazzling display. Take a look at these 5G Android smartphones and know why these are the best options for you.

    Find X3 Neo - OPPO 5G Phone with 12GB RAM

    The Find X3 Neo is the go-to option for OPPO 5G phone lovers. Aside from its 12GB RAM, it has plenty of features to offer. This Android smartphone packs splurging specs inside an ultra-slim design. It measures around 7.99mm and weighs about 184g which makes it easy to grab and carry.

    OPPO Find X3 Neo Specs

    Processor Snapdragon 865
    Display 6.55-inch AMOLED (1080 x 2400)
    RAM Size 12 GB
    Storage Capacity 256 GB
    Front Camera 32 MP, f/2.4
    Rear Camera Quad-Cam (50MP + 13MP + 16MP + 2MP)
    Battery 4500mAh
    Weight About 184g (6.49 oz)
    OS Android 11, ColorOS 11.2

    OPPO Find X3 Neo has a 6.5-inch AMOLED display with a refresh rate of 90Hz. Its screen resolution is 1080 x 2400p while the phone has Gorilla Glass 5 protection. A 32MP front camera and one billion colours display put together a great show.

    It is equipped with the speedy Snapdragon 865 chipset that delivers smooth performance. This OPPO 5G phone runs on the Android 11 OS and has 256 GB storage capacity.

    OPPO Find X3 Pro – 12GB RAM smartphone with HDR Camera

    OPPO Find X3 Pro is the top choice for mobile gamers and creators. This is the best camera phone that comes with 12GB RAM. It weighs around 193g and has a brilliant display of 6.7 inches.

    OPPO Find X3 Pro Specs

    Processor Snapdragon 888
    Display 6.7-inch QHD+ (1440 x 3216)
    RAM Size 12 GB
    Storage Capacity 256 GB
    Front Camera 32 MP, f/2.4
    Rear Camera Quad-Cam (50MP + 50MP + 13MP + 3MP)
    Battery 4500mAh
    OS Android 11, ColorOS 11.2
    Weight About 193g (6.81 oz)

    The QHD+ display offers a 120Hz refresh rate with a higher resolution of 1440 x 3216p. Thanks to a screen brightness of 1200 and 12GB RAM, you will enjoy smooth gameplay. The latest Qualcomm 888 chipset and 256 GB storage further improves the performance.

    OPPO Find X3 Pro is one of the best smartphones with HDR Cameras. Both wide and ultra-wide lenses are 50MP while there is a 13MP telephoto and a 3MP micro sensor.

    Features That Make Find X3 Series Stand Out

    The latest OPPO 5G phone, Find X3 is an astounding piece of technology. In addition to its “Billion Colour Display”, its dream camera setup is the real deal. This is one of the best 5G Android smartphones with an HDR Camera setup. You can use the phone for social media portraits, selfies, and vlogging. With Find X3, you will have an OPPO 5G phone with 12GB RAM.

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  4. Best 512GB ROM 5g Android Mobile Phone & Smartphone UK

    Best 512GB ROM 5g Android Mobile Phone & Smartphone UK

    With the technology getting advanced, smartphones have become more than just phones. Smartphones can prove to be your personal assistant, your organizer, workstation, entertainment hub and much more. A good 5G phone can be used for more reasons than one. The powerful specs in the latest mobile phones just leave one mesmerized. You get every thing you want in the palm of your hand. But the most important part of any mobile phone is probably its ROM.

    ROM is the storage space your phone has. The more your ROM is, the more space you have, to store all your favorite apps, games, files, music, and much more. Whenever you go to buy best smartphones on a budget, the first thing people ask is the storage space and memory of a phone. It plays a vital role in your overall mobile phone experience. 512GB ROM is a standard storage space these days, and provides you adequate storage for every thing you want to store. Now you guys will

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  5. How Mobile Technology is Altering the Workplace?

    How Mobile Technology is Altering the Workplace?

    Mobile technology has come a long way from a medium of communication to the most efficient go-to options for businesses. With the passage of time, its productivity has increased considerably. The convenience, agility, and versatility have made it the right choice for users who want to work on the go.

    Thanks to mobile technology services and applications, now we can conveniently check in with work responsibilities. The increased usage of smart devices means we can stay connected with work-related activities.

    Mobile technology 

    Businesses now have increasing worker availability since employees can stay connected at all times. As a result, the workplace is going under some huge changes. There are changes that were impossible to think about a few years ago. Flexible working hours and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) are some good examples of it.

    Here is how mobile technology is altering the workplace and reshaping the corporate world.

    Flexibility in working hours and location

    The most productive change that mobile technology is having in the workplace is flexibility. Today’s employees are more mobile and they heavily rely on mobile technology. It is projected that by the year 2025 the number of monthly active smartphone users in UK will reach 64.89 million individuals.

    This is a big number and portrays the real picture of the future workforce. It also means that flexible working hours will become a norm. So, we can say that the main focus will be on productivity and availability of talent rather than employees’ location.

    An employee with the best smartphone and stable internet connection can be a real asset to the team. OPPO 5G phones are already becoming popular among freelancers and people who like to work from home.

    Better Communication

    Mobile technology will keep employees connected with their teams. For example, a manager will be in touch with both remote and in-office team members. Thus, the team will be able to respond and act quickly on crucial tasks. The best smartphone devices will make communication easier with faster connectivity. Plus, businesses will be able to receive an equal commitment and equal footing from all employees.

    Availability of Employees

    Mobile technology is providing the solution to a long-term existing problem: Employees’ availability. The best smartphones and mobile apps make sure the team stays connected. They can work remotely and access work files whenever they want and wherever they are. This saves time managers can access data, review files, and scrutinize workflow through their mobile devices.

    The best part is that the businesses are now open all day long. Even though employees have left the building physically, you can still reach out to them.

    Bring Your Own Device

    Mobile technology has given a boost to Bring Your Own Device or (BYOD) trend. Employees are no longer required to use the in-office equipment or work on given devices. They can use their own devices (mobile phones, tablets, etc.) in the workplace. If an employee he can get the job done quickly using the best smartphone, companies are allowing it.

    This provides a sense of trust while allowing employees to access data even when they are not in the office. They can work on tasks at home and can review or plan their work at night or early morning.

    Avoiding confusion and misinformation

    Mobile technology is playing its part in avoiding confusion and misinformation at workplaces. With employees being constantly in touch, there will be no build-up of confusion. A team can work on tasks knowing that their questions will be addressed instantly. Plus, the managers and team leads can respo

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  6. Top Three Mobile Tech Trends That are Significantly Impacting the Industry?

    Top Three Mobile Tech Trends That are Significantly Impacting the Industry?

    Mobile technology has changed the world and is still changing everything every day. The constant increase in technology is impacting the society as well as industry in major ways. More and more people are getting hooked to the mobile technology. Latest 5G mobile phones give you the power, to perform any task right from the palm of your hand. There are many trends which keep on evolving with time. These trends have great significance when it comes to impacting the industry. So, we are going to take a look at the top three trends of mobile tech, which are impacting the industry. Let us just get right to it. 

    Machine Learning

    Machine learning is the trend, which is impacting the society and industry in a huge and explosive manner. Being able to customize and personalize the user experience based on their past experience, is known as machine learningIt helps you save time and stay productive all day long. It is being used in most of the big industries and firms. It enhances the customer experience, and it provides them more freedom to perform their tasks the right way. This is a branch of Artificial Intelligence that believes the system can learn from the data, identify pattern and make decisions. It is now being used in many laptops and computing devices as well. This technology has changed the face of Artificial Intelligence. It is definitely the most important trend, which is impacting the industry in a major way. 

    Mobile Wallets

    The second big tech trend which is impacting the industry is mobile digital wallets. It helps you in paying for stuff from your Android phone. These are majorly used for E commerce sites and business purposes. A mobile wallet is exactly what it sounds like. It is used for online payments and buying subscriptions. It has freed people from the hassle of using credit or debit cards, or any other mean to pay for the things, which you have bought. Android Pay, Apply Pay and Samsung Pay are such mobile

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  7. Mobile Phones: Impacts, Challenges, and Predictions

    Mobile phones Impacts, challenges, and predictions

    Mobile phones are becoming the basic necessity of the people now a days. Everyone uses mobile phone no matter which age group they belong to. There are many ways in which mobile phone has affected our lives. We cannot deny the importance of a cell phone especially the latest 5G mobile phones. Let us see in what ways the mobile phones have impacted our society.


    There is no doubt that the mobile phones have a major impact on our lives. The major thing is that it boosted the productivity. We can have more things done in less time. You can stay in contact with the people around the world no matter where you are. It has made communication so easy that one cannot even imagine. You can boost your business on your phone, while also stay in touch with your business partners on video meetings. In addition to this, mobile phone companies generate a huge amount of revenue for a country or state. It has also made people more tech savvy. More demand in the mobile phones and mobile phone parts, leads to the increase in more jobs for people. Mobile phone companies have played a major role in boosting the economy. Mobile technology revolutionized the meaning of technology on so many levels.


    With the constant increase in technology at a rapid speed, there are also some challenges which are faced by the society. The main challenge is of course the security issue. There is always a threat of your data getting leaked and taken advantage of, by the hackers. You provide your login info and your personal data to so many apps on the daily basis. Most of these companies share or sell the clients data for numerous marketing reasons. Many of the non-licensed apps demand access to your phone, which leaves your phone in a quite vulnerable place. In addition to this there are plenty of health related challenges as well, which are faced due to the mobile phone usage. It causes eye diseases and other fatal diseases as well. Even though the

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  8. Advantage and Disadvantage of Mobile Technology

    Advantage and disadvantage of mobile Technology

    It’s a smart world we live in, and everyone wants to have technology on the palm of their hands. Mobile technology has evolved in major ways in the past few years. The mobile phones are becoming more and more advanced. There is nothing you cannot do on your mobile phone. But along with these advantages there are plenty of disadvantages of mobile technology as well. We are going to take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of mobile technology. So, stick around. 

    Advantages of Technology

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  9. What is 5G? And What Consumers Expect from 5G Entertainment? 

    What is 5G? And What Consumers Expect from 5G Entertainment? 

    5G is the new technology in phones that has become a hot topicThe smartphone industry has embraced it warmly and 5G phones are already hitting the market. The anticipation is that 5G technology is going to revolutionise mobile technology. However, only a few consumers are aware of the true benefits of 5G. 

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  10. Mobile Technology, Its Importance, Present And Future Trends

    Mobile Technology, Its Importance, Present And Future Trends

    Mobile technology embarked on its journey two decades ago. At that point, it was an exceptional breakthrough that was nothing but a luxury and mystery. But now, Android phones have become an essential part of everyday life. It has helped the world to become a global village and has stirred both the urban and rural areas equally. The unceasing evolution of mobile technology is what makes it more intriguing for many. 

    Be it different mobile versions or the latest 5G technology, mobile technology never ceases to amaze. It started from performing simple tasks, such as text messagescalls, and simple games. But then comes the iOS and Android which completely revolutionised the mobile technology. Today, it is an inseparable part of our day-to-day life and its significance is hard to overlook. 

    Importance of Mobile Technology 

    Mobile technology is primarily used in cellular communication and other associated aspects. Its value cannot be overemphasized, as it has pushed us into a digital world in the true sense. 

    The benefits of mobile are diverse as it has made both life and business much easier. People can now stay in touch with their loved ones and have their say through social media. The business community, on the other hand, is relishing swift communications. Mobile technology is helping in managing finances and stocks in real-time. 

    Present Scenario  

    Mobile technology is thriving right

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