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  1. How to make your Phone Vibrate Continuously

    How to make your Phone Vibrate Continuously

    Smartphones now a days are more than just a phone and you use them for different reasons. But have you ever thought that your phones can also act as your personal massager or give you constant vibrations to alert you with more intensity? 

    Well, all of this is actually possible, and you can make your phone vibrate constantly and as per your preferences. If you are also one of those people who are trying to find how you can make your phones vibrate constantly then you have come to the right place. We are going to be telling you guys about how you can make your Android phones and iOS phones vibrate constantly. So let us not waste any more time and get right to it.  

    How to Enable Vibrate Mode 

    Before we get into anything let us talk a little about how you can turn on the vibration mode in your phones.  

    Enable Vibration Mode in Android Phones 

    There are a number of ways to enable vibration mode in your Android phones. The first and easiest thing to do is to turn vibration mode on from the drop-down menu. Just drop down the menu and you will find a speaker icon somewhere near Wi-fi icon. If you tap it once, it will change the alert type to vibrate only. 

    Another thing you can do is press and hold the volume down button until its all the way down and you feel vibration. But make sure that the volume you are managing is system sound and not media sound.  

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  2. How do I clear Cookies from My Phone?

    How do I clear Cookies from My Phone?

    Cookies are basically text files that are sent to your smartphones or other devices by the website which you are visiting. It includes small pieces of information like username and passwords. When you visit a website and accept cookies these files are saved in your browser. Cookies are also able to collect and track some data from your browser which is sent to the website.  

    Although the cookies occupy very little space, and you won’t even know they are saved in your phones or other computing devices, but if these cookies are saved in your device for a long period of time, they can affect your overall experience by slowing down your processing speed. Luckily you can clear the cookies from your Android phones and other devices. We are going to talking about everything there is to know about cookies. So let us not waste any more time and get right to it.  

    What are Cookies Used For? 

    Cookies are used by a website to make your online experience much smoother and better. It can save information, so you never get to enter the same information again and again. Thanks to cookies you don’t need to enter the login information again and again if you leave a website, or to rebuild a cart if you accidently close the page.  

    How to Clear Cookies on Android Phones 

    Clearing cookies is pretty easy and simple task to do. Below mentioned are some steps which you can follow to clear cookies form your smartphones. 

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    • How to make your Phone Charge Faster

      How to make your phone charge faster

      Android phones are probably the best companion you can have because it travels with you everywhere you go and gives you freedom to perform all of your tasks with ease. The most important component of a smart device is definitely its battery. Without a good battery life, you cannot enjoy your fun and sustain it for a longer period of time.  

      But there are times when you feel that your phones are not charging at a speed they should be. You need your smartphones to be charged as fast as possible, so you can stay productive and connected with your loved ones. We are going to be talking about how you can boost the battery of your phone much faster. So, stick around and find out. 

      Plug into the Wall 

      We all know that it is a smart world we are living in, and you can find computers or laptops anywhere, whether home, office, or school. You have the freedom to plug your phone into the computer’s USB port with the help of a data cable to charge. But this is not always good. A USB port can give you an output of 1 to 2.1 amps, which is much less than what you get with a verified wall socket. You should always plug your phone with a wall charger or socket. It is much safe and boosts the battery quickly as well.  

      Turn it Off 

      When you are using a phone or even when it is just on, there are some programs and functions running which consume battery all the time. So, if you turn off the mobile phone as it charges, it will stop consuming a

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    • How to check if your Phone is Tapped

      How to check if your Phone is Tapped

      As the advancement in technology has made everything much easier and convenient, but it can also prove to be a threat for your privacy. We use our Android phones all day long and are connected to the world of internet which is not always safe. There are many potential hackers and nosy people waiting to invade your privacy.  

      It does not matter whether you are a political personality, a celebrity, or even an everyday guy, you are never too safe. You should be aware of the fact that your phone can be tapped, tracked, or monitored. So, it is good to know how to check your phone and make sure it is not tapped. We are going to be talking about how you can check your phone to ensure your privacy is not in danger.  

      Noises During Calls 

      If we go a few years back, then it could have been possible to hear unusual noises during your calls. But now the telecommunication technology has become so advanced that it is not common to hear these noises while you are on the call. If you hear static, clicking sounds, or even distant voices while you are in the middle of conversation, then this can be an indicator that your phone is tapped.  

      Battery Decreasing 

      We know that the more programs or apps you run the more quickly your battery will go down. But if you have taken all the precautionary measures keep your battery running, like lowering brightness, closing background apps, or switching to power saver-mode, and still your battery is

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    • How to backup Android Phone to PC

      How to backup Android Phone to PC

      Android phones now days have become so much more than just phones and can perform all your tasks. Most of your data is saved on your phones which is often very hard to retrieve. That is why it is always necessary to have a backup of your data.  

      There are many ways to backup the data present on smartphones, but the safest and best method is to backup your phone on PC. We are going to be talking about how you can backup your phones on a PC. So let us not waste any more time and get right to it.  

      Backup Android Phones on PC 

      It is always good to keep your data stored in PC to prevent any data loss. It is the easiest way to keep your data secure. Below mentioned are the steps to follow if you want to backup your phone’s data in a computer. 

      • Connect your Android phones to a computer with the help of a data transfer cable.  
      • When you connect your phone with computer you will see a message on your phone. Choose transfer data out of the given options to enable USB debugging. 
      • Now open the explorer of your computer and open your mobile device from there.  
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    • How to dry a Wet Cell Phone Quickly

      How to dry a Wet Cell Phone Quickly

      It’s not very unusual to get your phone wet accidentally or it may fall off. A lot of us are mostly around water with activities like washing dishes, swimming in the pool, or taking a bath. The real concern here is what if your phone gets wet and you scared about it to get any damage. Well, here we are with the best ways to dry your phone instantly and not cause any trouble due to it. 

      The number one thing to consider is checking whether your phone has IPX6, IPX7 or IPX8. If you have this protection added in your smartphone, you shouldn’t be worried at all either way. A water-resistant surface on the phone means you can absolutely save it from any destruction that water could do to it. On the other hand, even if your smartphone doesn’t have this safety layer added into its glass or surface, you can still save it. 

      We have listed the top ways on how to dry a wet phone quicker than ever. Plus, you can also apply some of the unusual tricks to get it safe from extreme conditions. 

      Make sure to remove the phone from water ASAP 

      Now that’s a very obvious thing to state but some of you might take it lightly. The essentially first thing to do is getting your phone far away from the water as quickly as you can. If you are one of those who may think it is okay and just wait until you can easily reach your phone to get out from water, you are at fault. You must always swiftly get your phone out of the water as soon as possible. 

      Turn off your phone 

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    • Difference between Mobile Hotspot and Wi-Fi Hotspot

      Difference between Mobile Hotspot and Wi-Fi Hotspot

      It is a smart world we live in, and everyone is connected to internet via their smartphones. We use internet all day long for different purposes and to stay connected with each other. You might have heard a thousand times about the two words, Wi-Fi and Hotspot. You use these two all day long, but many few people know what they both actually are. If you have the same question on your mind, then you have come to the right place. We are going to be talking about the difference between Wi-Fi and hotspot. So let us not waste any more time and get right to it.  

      What is Wi-Fi? 

      Wi-Fi or Wireless Fidelity is the technology used for LAN (local area network) to provide wireless communication. The Wi-Fi signals are basically radio frequency waves which travel under a radio frequency band of 2.4GHz. You can connect your Android phones, laptops, and all other devices which support wireless connectivity.  

      What is Hotspot? 

      If we use simple words, then a Hotspot is basically an access point or a physical location where you can access the wireless internet provided by using a Wi-Fi. A modem or wireless router is used to provide a hotspot which is connected by the ISP. It is used in public areas like cafés, hotels, or airports, so the people there can access internet. 

      Difference Between Wi-Fi and Hotspot 

      Now that we have gotten basic information out of the way, let us see the difference between

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    • How to make Cooking Video with Smartphone

      How to make Cooking Video with Smartphone

      You might have seen a lot of quality videos wandering on famous online platforms like YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram. If you have ever wondered about making a cooking video yourself that could capture eyes and then dropped the idea, you could think on it again.  

      Well, to create an excellent cooking video, you might think you need an extra set of equipment. But that’s not exactly the case. Having a smartphone that is packed with the latest camera and a decent overall speed would do it all. Cooking videos need to be colourful with some of the greatest angles that fascinates the eyes of the viewer. There is not a significant need of heavy machines or extra investment, as you can still make great videos with your 5G android smartphones. 

      This article is all about it! You can read after the most essential tricks and tips on how to make cooking video with a smartphone. Whether or not you are starting your own food blog or vlog, these methods shall help you big time. 

      Step 1: Get a nice Camera Smartphone 

      Its not essential to invest big bucks on professional DSLRs or cameras that are totally out of your range. Now that the technology has advanced, you can use cellphones cameras to create magic. A lot of influencers have been preferring the usage of best camera phones. Not only they are handy but can also be accessible any time you need, plus the quality of smartphones cameras have drastically improved. 

      Make sure to get yourself a mobile phone with a potential camera that can shoot nice videos with decent Resolution. A

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    • 7 Ways to Extend Your Android's Battery Life

      7 Ways to Extend Your Android's Battery Life

      Android phones are without a doubt the most used and highly sold smart devices in this day and age. They give you freedom to perform all your tasks right from the palm of your hands and even while you are on the go. But the most important component of a phone is its battery.

      A good battery life makes sure you can stay connected and productive no matter where you are. If you don’t have a long-life battery, then you cannot enjoy the portability feel and sustain the fun for a longer period of time. If you are experiencing battery issues with your phone, then you have come to the right place. We are going to be telling you guys some really effective methods to extend the battery life of your Android phones. So, stick around and find out.

      Limit Background Apps

      The first thing to do is limit the apps which are running in the background without you even knowing it. There are some apps which have the permission to launch whenever you start your phone, and they keep running in the background. These apps use up a good amount of your phone’s resources along with battery. To disable these apps from running in the background, go to settings and then tap on apps. Then you will see a list of all the apps which are stored on your phone. See the notifications and permissions tab. Then you can disable those apps which you don’t want to run in the background. It will definitely extend the battery of your phone in a major way.


      Brightness of your screen use a good amount of your battery. Some people have the brightness of their phone’s screen set to maximum which drains

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    • 7 Best and Most useful Android Widgets

      7 Best and Most useful Android Widgets

      Widgets are the tiny applets which you can place on your home screen to get some quick information about anything. These are one of the most used and unique features of Android phones. This is what sets Android apart from iOS operating systems. You can set a widget for weather, clock, or even to change and control the music.  

      But now days there are a number of widget apps which you can find on App store that are also free. With such abundance of widgets, you never know which one is useful and which one is not. But have no fear while we are here. We are going to be sharing with you guys our top picks for the 7 best and most useful widgets for any Android phone. So let us not waste any more time and get right to it.  

      Google At a Glance 

      First up on the list is Google at a Glance. This is basically a today app which means you can see everything that needs to be done in the whole day. It can help you organize your daily tasks and also acts as a reminder. You have a list of all the tasks with priority as well as traffic and your next appointment. But this is not all, if you don’t have any tasks for the day then it turns into a single strip which shows you time and date, while looking good on the home screen. It is a pretty simple yet useful widget which does not cover too much space on your phone.  

      Overdrop Weather 

      Who does not like to get information about weather a

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