Find x5 pro

Our life revolves around mobile phones these days. Our day-to-day use of mobile phones has massively increased. This factor has made battery lifespan overly critical for smartphones. Users are not only concerned about battery life but also about the sustainability and future of unused, aging, and discarded lithium batteries.

The global demand for lithium-ion batteries is expected to increase elevenfold over the next eight years, reaching more than two terawatt-hours in 2030. The rise in electric vehicles, as well as small electronic products such as smartphones, is driving demand.

OPPO has introduced several battery innovations for its new flagship phones. It aims at providing the users with a burden-free charging experience. The company has introduced the Battery health engine through Find X5 Pro 5G, a solution for optimizing battery health. This solution took OPPO three years for R&D to develop,  for the engineers and innovators to develop. It has two main technologies: battery healing technology and smart battery health algorithm.

Smart battery health algorithm:

The electric potential of the battery is tracked through real-time by the Smart Battery Health Algorithm. It uses  techniques to ensure fast charging and battery lifespan including the adjustment of the charging current.

To fully comprehend how this innovation works, it is necessary to first explain the discharging and charging behavior of lithium batteries in smartphones.

The discharging and charging process can be taken as the flow of lithium ions from negative to positive node and vice versa. Now if the ions do not return to the positive side of the electrode because of over-charging or excessive current, the lithium ions become dead. This causes the battery capacity to decrease.

Keeping this in mind, we need to save the lithium ions. By controlling the voltage and current in real-time we can prevent the lithium ions from going into a dead state. The potential of the negative electrodes helps in indicating the real-time voltage and current of the mobile phone’s battery. This is another way to prevent the dead lithium from occuring.

OPPO is trying to get the real-time potential of the negative electrode. The work has been going on for three years in the laboratory in the search of the optimal solution. The team is relying on the data on a larger scale coming from battery performance. This  has been done through constantly improving the accuracy of the battery model to create the Smart Battery Health Algorithm, which can track the potential of the battery's negative electrode in real-time.

By accurately judging the negative electrode potential, smartphones may be able to match a reasonable charging current for different battery capacities, battery states, charging adapters, and charging stages. From here, we can maximize lithium-ion activity maintenance and extend battery lifespan.

Battery healing technology:

OPPO has achieved a breakthrough in the battery algorithm. In Find X5 Pro, OPPO has introduced the internal chemical system of the battery. The feature of battery healing technology is also introduced in the Find X5 Pro. By improving the electrolyte formula, the electrodes are constantly repaired during the discharge and charge cycles of the battery, resulting in a more stable and durable film known as the Solid Electrolyte Interface.

Solid electrolyte Interphase is the reaction and reduction of little amounts of polar solvent present in the electrolyte. This happens during the discharging and charging of the lithium-ion battery after some electrons are gained.

Battery Healing Technology enables the battery to repair the SEI continuously during the charging and discharging cycle, making the SEI more stable and durable in real-time. It also reduces the damage to the electrodes caused by charging and discharging, improving battery performance and extending battery lifespan. Because the battery lifespan of the Find X5 Pro is larger than the entire industry standard, it can maximize battery protection while improving the user experience.

Ultimate battery performance:

OPPO has put constant effort into the development of battery technology. It is enabling the company to enhance its user’s experience of charging. It also upgrades the power of mobile phones.

As the charging technology leader, OPPO understands that the future development of fast charging must consider aspects such as portability, safety, compatibility, and battery lifespan.

Here at OPPO, we are making significant strides toward revolutionizing the world of smartphone charging to completely transform the user experience of smartphones while also contributing to the long-term viability of lithium battery technologies.