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Android Smartphones

  1. OPPO Find X5 Series and 240W Flash Charge - Revelation on MWC 2022

    OPPO Find X5 Series and 240W Flash Charge

    OPPO has had some newer and exciting technologies revealed at the Mobile World Congress 2022. This included OPPO’s flagship series i.e., Find X5, Find N and even the OnePlus 10 Pro. Another prominent revelation was led by the flash charge 150W and 240W power which doubles the battery timing of OPPO mobiles.

    The opening day of MWC 2022 was an innovative mark for OPPO as a mobile manufacturer. Along with the Find X5 series, a range of sensational technologies were showcased. The 150W SuperVOOC fast-charging is aimed to amplify the battery performance with its battery health engine. Furthermore, the 240W fast-charging claims to charge a 4500 mAh android phone to 100% in less than 10 minutes. The OPPO 5G CPE T2 is another new technology that w

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  2. Best Mobile Phone Deals

    Mobile Phone dealsa

    It all comes down to the best manufacturers and how reasonably they have priced their mobile phones. A large number of smartphone brands come with a vast variety of range every now and then, consumers prefer a good value for money. Besides the top-notch mobile phones, the best deals are always harder to find out. We are here to make it precisely easier for you with our guide on how to bargain the best mobile phone deals.  

     Essential Factors of buying best Smartphone Deals 

    1. The first and foremost factor about buying the best available smartphone
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  3. OPPO Find X5 Lite Mobile Review

    OPPO Find X5 Lite

    OPPO’s Find X series has severely become popular over the recent years. With OPPO Find X2 and X3 series, it is quite evident that these are the most sought-after phones from the brand. The Find X5 series is just here with its flagship models but the latest announcement comes down to the Find X5 Lite.  

    OPPO Find X5 Lite doubtlessly looks gorgeous from its appearance and seems to integrate potent specs. The sharp matte attire of the phone brings it a vivid attention. There may be some seemingly average specs that you notice but a lot of other features are compensating enough. This new OPPO mobile supports 5G services to the full extent which is a huge plus factor. In the modern technology world, the OPPO Find X5 is a prominent 5G phone with every latest feature.  

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  4. Can You Record a Phone Conversation on Phone?

    Record a Phone Conversation on Phone

    The latest Android phones give you a freedom to do a number of creative things with your phone which were not possible a few years ago. There are times when you wish that you should have saved the conversation you had with someone. You can save a conversation to cherish a memory or to keep a record of something. 

    There are number of reasons why you would want to record a phone call. If you don’t know how you can record a call on your 5G Android smartphones, then you have come to the right place. We are going to be talking about everything there is to know about call recording on phone. So, take out your pens and notebooks because we are going to be just diving right in.  

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  5. Perfect 5G Signal Solution in Find X5 Pro

    Perfect 5G Signal Solution in Find X5 Pro

    Everyone is getting benefits from 5G.  You can make video calls, stream movies, play games, etc. in a few years, it is to be expected that 5g will expand to one-third of the world population. If you want to get the most out of your 5G experience, you'll need a smartphone that's up to the task. All too often, handsets provide a poor user experience due to low signal and interference, resulting in slower speeds, limiting 5G's true potential. In OPPO smartphones the engineers have made sure that the experience is unparalleled. The 5g connection by OPPO is stable and uncompromised.  

    The signals of the smartphone depend on the antenna and the position of the antenna in the smartphone. Sometimes when the user covers the antenna with his/her hand, the quality of the signal

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  6. How to use shortcuts on android phones

    How to use shortcuts on android phones

    It may seem ridiculous, but a second might make a massive difference between an interaction on your smartphones, feeling instantaneous and a little too slow. And, given how often we perform simple mobile tech chores — such as switching applications, opening menus, turning on our cameras, and so on.

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  7. why smartphone is important for student?

    why smartphone is important for student?

    It is a well-known fact that Android smartphones have become the basic needs of our daily lives. We use 5G smartphones all day long and for different purposes. You can perform all your daily tasks on these phones and stay productive, while staying connected to your friends and family. But are phones really important for students too? Well, if you have the same question on your mind then you are not alone. We are going to be talking about why a smartphone is important for a student. So let us not waste any more time and get right to it.  

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  8. Every Way to Take a Screenshot on Android

    Every Way to Take a Screenshot on Android

    Taking screenshots on android smartphones may seem easy. However, this might not be it in all cases. For some android phones, it can be just a little tricky or difficult to take a screenshot. You should always know the screenshot shortcut of the smartphone that you are using. For those who are always confused in the buttons or alternative ways of taking screenshots, we have got you covered today.

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  9. How to use Nearby Share on Android

    How to use Nearby Share on Android

    Sharing through 5G android phones has never been easier than this. Apart from Bluetooth and cable transferring, you can wirelessly transfer photos, videos, and large documents. The biggest advantage of Nearby Share is that you don’t need any Internet access to use its functionality. Here is how you can use it conveniently if you are an android smartphone user

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  10. Top Smartphone apps for when starting University

    Top Smartphone apps for when starting University

    How many times have your parents, grandparents, or teachers told you that smartphones are a huge distraction? And, if we're being honest, they're not completely wrong. However, in today's world, there is (nearly) an app for everything, making being a student in the twenty-first century easier, cheaper, and more enjoyable. Also, these 5g phones help you to save time because of their high-speed specs.  

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