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  1. Which is the best smartphone camera to record videos at night?

    OPPO Camera Phones

    Gone are the times when people used to buy specialised equipment for night time videography only. Both laymen and professionals have access to top-tier smartphone cameras now, which help in recording stunning night time shots whenever and wherever you want. With careful selection, you can avoid the most commonly incurred problems, such as lengthy shutter speeds, bracketed exposures, and insufficient RAW capture capability. This article will take you through what features to look for and which high-quality camera phones can help you do mind-blowing night time videography.

    Why mobile videography?

    With the advancement of technology, smartphone cameras have started to produce similar photography and videography results as DSLR cameras. In some cases, it is even better. For instance, OPPO phones for photography have proven their mark in the industry with ultra-videography modes supported

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  2. OPPO A17 Review: Features and Specifications

    OPPO A17

    One of the top-trending OPPO flagship phones, the OPPO A17, comes with a 6.56-inch LED screen and a magnificent resolution of 1612 x 720 pixels. The A17 was introduced with the slogan "worth more than the price," and we totally agree with this statement! Priced at even less than £150, the smartphone comes with a high-quality LED display, a top-notch camera, and multiple mind-blowing characteristics. This OPPO A17 review outlines some of the most important specifications and features available on the smartphone, allowing you to get a complete picture of the product.

    Luxury Design

    Even though a lot of emphasis is placed on design and display within the smartphone industry, there are only a few mobile phones that have a pleasant-to-touch body configuration. Moreover, as a smartphone is one of those products that is usually used for longer periods of time, having a hard back or extremely sharp corners can cause discomfort for the user. The OPPO

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  3. OPPO Find X smartphone will run Snapdragon 8 Gen 2

    OPPO snapdragon 8 gen 2
    • OPPO Find X Series will be the first next gen mobile phones powered by Snapdragon 8 Gen 2.
    • Mobile ray tracing powered by Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 will transform the OPPO Find Series’ graphical and optical game via top-notch illustrations and stunning screen effects.
    • With accurate lighting behavior, highly realistic visuals, and a 35% boost in performance, these OPPO flagship smartphones will transform the consumer’s mobile gaming experience.

    Being a front-runner in the innovation industry, OPPO has always been a pioneer in embracing technological breakthroughs. As soon as QUALCOMM announced the launch of Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, OPPO started the design and execution plans for its next gen mobile phones, bringing the "first ever mobile-optimised support for Unreal Engine 5 Metahumans Framework on Snapdragon" to its users. OPPO Find X devices will also deliver 25% faster performance and 40% higher pow

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  4. Is it possible to turn my smartphone into a Walkie Talkie?

    walkie Talkie Smartphones

    The world has become all about "smart operations." With considerations for cost, quality, time, integration, and accessibility, everyone wants to keep a single tab on different arrangements instead of managing different devices. The same goes for smartphones and walkie-talkies. Gone are the days when people used to purchase different devices for different purposes. Now everyone wants to have a single optimal yet innovative solution.
    Walkie-talkies are small, portable radios that help in intercommunication via altered-frequency transmission. They are a traditional yet beneficial gadget that is mostly used in workspaces, or in regions where internet or cellular connections are not available. Let us tell you how to avoid the hassle of carrying another device with you, by simply turning your android smartphones into a walkie-talkie.

    How do you do it?

    Contrary to what you must be thinking,

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  5. How to optimize the image quality captured by my smartphone?

    OPPO camera phones

    This is more a world of social media, and social media looks majestic because of captivating photographs and video content. Good pictures and videos are the need of every business and person. So, if you are looking for an affordable way to take attractive photographs, consider using your smartphone! But capturing beautiful pictures with even an expensive latest phone is not always as easy as it is said. Good pictures demand some real effort. Aside from the camera’s megapixels, there are various other factors which significantly impact the quality of the images. Our experts have compiled 7 tips and tricks that you can use to get sensational image quality using your smartphones.

    1- Choose Good Camera Smartphone

    In the past couple of years, phones for photography have improved a lot in terms of in-built technology such as lenses, sensors, and the software functionalities. Nowadays, we have access to some of the best cameras in Android smartphones and iOS d

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  6. How To Keep Phone Cool While Gaming

    how to keep your phone cool

    Mobile gaming has been incredibly booming since the launch of PBG mobile. And after that, games like Call of Duty Mobile and Fortnite have come into the fray, too.

    Hone your skills with the best gaming experience this year but Oh! Is your phone overheating while gaming?
    Well—we got you!

    A lot of people unfamiliar with the best phones for gamers and potential ways to keep their device cool often face this issue. If you are a long-term player, it is essential to keep your hands out of hot gaming phones. There are several techniques for swiftly cooling smartphones - so they can be used to play graphically intense fun games and live streams titles frequently.

    If your phone gets extremely hot most of the time, it's because of some benign reasons. Just give this a thought! It's probably because you have connected it to a charger, or the game you are playing is putting a heavy load o

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  7. The best budget - mid-range and high-end OPPO smartphones

    budget smartphones

    There is nothing wrong in claiming that mobile phone is one of the most influential inventions of the 20th century. In the present era, mobile phones have managed to become a need of every person. Equipped with certain cutting-edge features, modern smartphones have a lot to offer.
    Being one of the leading technology brands, OPPO houses a versatile collection of various value-packed Android phones. OPPO mobile phones are world-famous for offering a bunch of tempting features. These include exceptional camera quality, high-end performance, and a long-lasting battery life.
    In the pursuit of its core motive, ‘To make technology accessible for everyone’, OPPO carries a massive stock of best budget Android phones. On the other hand, OPPO also holds best mid-range phones as well as flagship models which completely justify their price tags.
    So, no matter, from whi

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  8. Pay Monthly Contract Phone Deals

    monthly contract phone deals

    It is an undeniable fact that mobile phones have now become a pivotal part of our lives. The year 2022 is about to end, and a whopping 7 billion population of the world now owns mobile phones as per latest stats. Although modern smartphones are advanced enough to offer you a plethora of cutting-edge features.

    However, the thing that hinders most of the users from relishing the true high-end smartphone user experience is the astonishing prices of the latest 5G smartphones. But you do not need to panic. This is where we come in.

    To let you experience the world-best technology without going out of the budget, OPPO Store is offering Pay Monthly Contract Deals on its extensive smartphone range. Under this option, you can just buy your favourite OPPO phone and pay the price later in 24 equal monthly installments.

    Let’s find out some of the most competitive OPPO Android phones that you can buy under Pay Monthly Contract.

    Reno8 5G

    Key F

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  9. Best Budget OPPO Android Phones

    Best Android phones

    Owned by Google, Android is on of the most popular Operating System in the world and holds more than 71% market share. There are multiple reasons behind this much popularity of Android phones. These smartphones offer a stack of innovative features which you can customise as per your convenience.
    Being the leading technology brand. OPPO carries a versatile portfolio of features-packed Android phones, available at various price points to cater to the needs of every sort of users. Best budget OPPO smartphones deliver various value-packed features such as exceptional camera quality, robust performance, and a long-lasting power backup, without being heavy on your pocket.

    4 Best Budget OPPO Phones for 2022

    If you are looking for a cost-friendly Android phone, OPPO has a range of options to offer

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  10. How to make your Phone Vibrate Continuously

    How to make your Phone Vibrate Continuously

    Smartphones now a days are more than just a phone and you use them for different reasons. But have you ever thought that your phones can also act as your personal massager or give you constant vibrations to alert you with more intensity?

    Well, all of this is actually possible, and you can make your phone vibrate constantly and as per your preferences. If you are also one of those people who are trying to find how you can make your phones vibrate constantly then you have come to the right place. We are going to be telling you guys about how you can make your Android phones and iOS phones vibrate constantly. So let us not waste any more time and get right to it. 

    How to Enable Vibrate Mode

    Before we get into anything let us talk a little about how you can turn on the vibration mode in your phones. 

     Step 1: Enable Vibration Mode in Android Phones

    There are a number of ways to enable

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