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  1. OPPO Best Display Smartphones

    OPPO Best Display Phones with 5G

    Finding the right phone for individual needs is always frenzied. Whether you are in quest of high RAM or the best camera phones, the pursuit requires time. And the hunt for the best display smartphones can be more chaotic if you are unaware of the basics. We all want a smartphone that can deliver crispy visuals with vivid images and bright colours. This is a quality where OPPO Smartphones outshine other brand models. Especially, if you are looking for the best smartphone display in sunlight. 

    OPPO has hard-earned the name of being the best display phone company. Consumers can browse the best display smartphones in almost every budget range. 

    From the best camera phones

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  2. 5 Best ways to Protect Phone Screen

    5 Best ways to Protect Phone Screen

    The size of smartphones screens is getting bigger day by day. The display size has expanded from 4 inches to above 6 inches over the past few years. The possibility of a 7-inch or 10-inch phone is not a weird thought thing now. Modern Android phones are challenging the authority of tablets and we may see a Phabloid anytime soon.

    However, the expansion of smartphone screens also increased the chances of damage. And the popularity of bezzle-less smartphone design has made the phone screen more prone to damage.

    Although the best 5G smartphones come with Gorilla Glass protection, the smartphone screens are delicate. This means you must take proactive steps to protect your phone screen. This article covers information on how you can minimize the chance of screen damage. We have enlisted the 5 best ways that smartphone users can employ to protect phone screens.

    Tempered Glass Protection

    Plastic screen protectors are common, but we recommend using tempered glass protectors. This will give your smartphone screen an extra layer of protection against accidental drops.

    A plastic screen protector can only prevent the phone display from minor scratches. It does not offer shock support and thus fails to absorb shock. So, when your smartphone falls from a significant height, there is no guarantee that its screen will remain intact and undamaged.

    A tempered glass protector is like having an extra layer of glass. It can absorb shock and works as the first line of defence. Even if your smartphone drops from a substantial height, the tempered glass will bear the shock and protect the phone screen. You can easily replace the glass protector after a drop which will cost you less than replacing your phone screen.

    Protect with a Bumper Case

    A bumper case is the most utilized safeguard that consumers use to protect their smartphone screens. Bumper cases come in two different types: the light, stylish ones and the robust, Aramid cases.

    Silicon cases come in plenty of designs and make your phone look funky. However, they offer little protection against drops, as the main purpose of these cases is to add style. Aramid cases, on the other hand, are not that good looking but these are more vigorous. The heavy-duty ridges of these cases absorb most of the shock after the drop.

    Attach Pop Sockets

    A pop socket is a modern invention that gets attached to the backside of your phone. This is a great tool that provides users with more grip over their phones. You get to hold your smartphone firmly whether you are taking selfies or texting.

    The best part of having a pop socket on your smartphone is that you only need one hand to operate. Whether you have a large display phone or often find it tricky to hold the device in one hand, use a pop socket. These round

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  3. OPPO Sim Free 5g Smartphones

    Sim Free Phones

    OPPO has always been the one solution for your every mobile phone need. Whenever you buy OPPO phones you are always guaranteed to get the best quality, which is worth every penny you spend. OPPO is also offering sim free phones too, which you can get on great deals.  

    What is Sim Free phone? 

    Sim free phones are those phones, which come without any sim card or network attached to them. Even though the phone is sim free, it can still be locked or unlocked to use any other network. Let us look at some of the OPPO sim free phones, which you can get on great deals. 

    Find X2 Neo 5G 

    First one on the list is Find X2 Neo 5G, which features a powerful Qualcomm SDM765G chipset along with an Adreno 620 GPU, for all your gaming and high-res demanding tasks. You get a memory of 12GB RAM and a storage space of 256GB. It gives you the smooth operating system of ColorOS 7, based on Android 10. These specs work really well and never let the phone slow down, even while you are multi-tasking.  

    The 6.5 inches display gives you perfect picture quality to enjoy all your viewing pleasures. You get the resolution of 2400x1080 pixels, which lets you experience sharp and vivid colours, without any kind of interruption. The 90Hz refresh rate and 180Hz touch sampling rate makes you gaming experience smooth as silk as well. You can shoot up to 4K videos through its 48MP rear camera, and take beautiful selfies with a 32MP front selfie camera.  

    With the mighty Snapdragon 765G chipset and wide memory, you can enjoy the lightning-fast 5G experience no matter where you are. It can help you stay connected to the world of internet in a carefree manner. 

    Reno4 Z 5G 

    With the 6.5 inches display and the refresh rate of up to 120Hz, Reno4 Z 5G can give you the smooth visuals whether you are streaming or gaming. The touch sampling rate of 120Hz makes sure your play your games on it, with precision and accuracy. Plus, the display is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3, which can keep the display safe from scratches. 

    There is an innovative dual lens 16MP front camera, which can make your already beautiful selfies more beautiful. With 48MP quad camera you can capture your every precious moment in great quality. There are many great features, which can take your photography skills to the next level. With Ultra Dark Mode you can take clear pictures even in the darkness of night. In addition to this, there is also an Ultra Steady Mode which can help you make shoot steady videos,m even while you are moving or standing on a shaky surface. 

    With the memory of 8GB RAM and 128GB ROM, along with the mighty chipset of MTK MT6873V, you can enjoy the 5G experience like never before. It can give you the speed of 2.3 Gbps, which is quite remarkable. You can download all your favourite apps, games, and much more with 3.54Gbps download speed.  

    There is a 4000mAh battery which can give you all day of usage with just a single charge. You can boost the battery in a jiffy with 18W Fast Charging feature. It can charge the phone quickly and seems a great thing to have in your phone, especially if you are always on the go.  

    OPPO A54 5G 

    A54 5G is powered by a Qualcomm SM4350 chipset, which when combines with a memory of 4GB RAM and storage space of 64GB, gives you great 5G experience. It can give you a maximum uploading speed of Qualcomm SM4350, and a maximum download speed of 2.1 Gbps. It makes your internet surfing and video calling smooth as silk.  

    With the powerful battery of 5000mAh battery, you can go all day without having to worry about charging your phone. With just a single charge it can give you 13 hours of video viewing, along with 27 hours of call time and 40 hours standby. It also has a smart Power Saver mode, which can help you get the most out of your battery. It can let you use 1.2 hours of WhatsApp with only a 5% battery. 

    You get a 48MP Ai quad camera and a 16MP front selfie cam. AI scene enhancement and AI beautification make sure the picture you take and videos you shoot, are always flawless and stunning. It is definitely among the best camera phones you can find. You can see clearly the pictures you take, on its 6.5 inches display with a 90Hz refresh rate.  

    Get the Best Forget the Rest! 

    Well, these were some of the great sim free phones, which OPPO has to offer. So, if you have not made up your mind then what are you waiting for? Make sure to visit OPPO store and choose from a wide collection of 5G Android smartphones.  

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  4. OPPO Best Battery Life Phone

    OPPO Best Battery Life Phone

    Most of the OPPO phones come equipped with the best battery power for every day. Whether one is always indulged in a hectic day routine, or having a full-fledged travelling, the best battery OPPO 5g phones can save the day. However, you still have to choose wisely among the latest 5g mobile phones with the longest battery life and fast-charging support. OPPO has also introduced SuperVOOC charging for its flagship and midrange phones so you can charge your mobile to 100 in less than an hour.  

    With OPPO, one thing you must be sure of is getting a good battery backup in OPPO phones. When we talk about latest 5g mobile phones, not each of them comes equipped the best battery life. But, mostly with OPPO

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  5. OPPO Best Mid Range Phones

    OPPO Best Mid Range Phones

    Who does not want to own 5G Android phones these days? But buying smartphones can be quite expensive. That’s where OPPO comes in to play. OPPO has been providing good quality Affordable 5G smartphones to its customers all around the world, for quite some time now. So, take out your notepad and start making a list, because we are going to tell you guys which are the best mid-range affordable phones by OPPO, to buy in 2021. Let us just dive right in. 

    OPPO A72 

    First up on the list is a great affordable 5G smartphone by OPPO known as A72. It runs on Qualcomm SM6125(SDM 665) chipset, along with an Adreno 610 GPU. It gives you the memory o

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  6. OPPO Best Smartphones for kids 2021- Top Picks for Your Child

    OPPO Best Smartphones for kids 2021- Top Picks for Your Child

    Finding the best smartphones for kids is an entirely different process. It is nothing like finding the best 5G Android phones for adults. You do not want to overwhelm your child with options yet need something that has essential features. However, the basic requirements of the phone can differ depending on the age of your child. 

    Teens need phones with the best camera setups that they can use to capture moments for social media. They require Android phones with the latest technology to utilize apps their friends use. The choice changes when you are looking for smartphones for younger children. 

    We have picked some affordable 5G smartphones for each age group. These are OPPO phones with the best camera that your kids will surely love to have. 

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  7. What Could Your Future Smartphone Look Like in 2030?

    What Could Your Future Smartphone Look Like in 2030?

    With the technology constantly increasing you never know what the future holds. 5G Android Phones have become more and more advanced. But who knows what the smartphone technology will look like in 2030. Well, it is not that far away, and we can get an idea of the future.


    Let us get the main thing out of the way first. The design and look of phones have changed so much in the past few years. Smartphones have become much slimmer and lightweight. Even though the foldable phones were introduced in 2019. But there are plenty of changes that need to be done to the design. Foldable phones in the future would be a pretty common thing. The overall design and weight would also benefit from it. The phones will definitely look much better than they do now. By 2030 we all might be using either foldable phones or rollable smartphones.


    If you are a smartphone user then it is quite obvious, that you are aware of the increasing camera technology in the phones. Phones with the best camera are now able to give you the picture quality, which can even give the DSLR camera a run for its money. By 2030 the cameras of smartphones will definitely achieve new heights. Maybe it could even replace professional cameras. Now you can get 4 or even 5 cameras in a phone, but in the near future, there could also be addition of cameras in the smartphone and even new features as well.

    5G or 6G

    All the latest smartphones are now providing 5G to their customers. 5G Android phones are quite common in the market, and they provide the best communication and internet surfing. By 2030 the phones would also be able to provide you 6G network support. It could be the new thing in coming years.

    No Ports

    By 2030 the smartphones would be free from the ports. Many of the latest phones have already removed the 3.5mm headphone jack from the phone. Most of the people now use Bluetooth compatible wireless headphones. It would be no surprise if by 2030 they drop it completely from the phones. With the wireless charging also getting more and more popular, maybe the USB port in your phone would also disappear. Mobile data or NFC options can also be used to transfer data to your computer. There would be no need for any ports in the smartphones.

    Future Gadgets

    There are plenty of wearable gadgets in the market right now, like smartwatches and glasses. In 2030 we would be seeing more wearable gadgets, which would use augmented and virtual reality technology. Amazon and Microsoft are already working on the virtual reality headsets, which would be surely introduced by 2030. Even though the augmented reality,

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  8. Exploring the Science Behind OPPO's 65W SuperVOOC 2.0 Fast Charging

    Exploring the Science Behind OPPO's 65W SuperVOOC 2.0 Fast Charging

    What is the main factor that affects the overall experience of your handheld mobile device? Of course, it is the battery. You cannot enjoy the fun to the fullest until or unless you have a good battery life to support it. The longer your battery life is the longer your fun will sustain. Whenever we go to buy a smartphone the first thing that we see is the battery time. It is safe to say that battery is the most important factor, which can affect your performance.

    OPPO has always been known for the best features and technology, in its latest 5G mobile phones. The battery time of the OPPO phones is also something to talk about as well. Most of the OPPO phones can give you the whole day of usage, with just a single charge. But there is one more thing, which is how quickly can your mobile phone be charged.

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  9. OPPO A74 5G - 48MP AI Quad Camera Phone

    OPPO A74 5G - 48MP AI Quad Camera Phone

    What is the first thing you look for in Android phones? Of course, it is the camera. Phones with the best camera are the most-trendy things to have these days. OPPO has always been known for the best cameras in Android phones. It has always been your one solution for all your mobile phone needs. If you are looking for a good OPPO phone which can give you the best camera quality, then you have come to the right place. We are going to review a best OPPO phone with a killer 48MP Al quad camera. So let us just get right to it.

    OPPO A74 5G

    A74 5G is definitely among the best Android phones OPPO has to offer. It gives you all the powerful specs and features to keep you productive all day long. All

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  10. Best Android Phones with 12GB of RAM: What are Your Best Options?

    Best 5G Android smartphones with 12GB RAM

    With the emergence of 5G Android Smartphones, the mobile market is seeing some new trends. Consumers are now preferring phones with 12GB of RAM over 8GB of RAM mobiles. This seems like a valid choice considering the fact that users now tend to do most of their work on smartphones. The emerging mobile gaming industry is another reason why people in 2021 are looking for 12GB RAM smartphones.

    But what are the best options for users when it comes to 5G Android smartphones? Well, OPPO has a winner here too, the latest OPPO 5G phone: The Find X3.

    Best 5G Android smartphones with 12GB RAM

    Find X3 is one of the best smartphones with HDR Camera setup. Plus, the hardware on it contends with the best flagship phones of 2021. It has three different variants and each has unique features that are hard to overlook. However, we are only going to discuss the two of these: Find X3 Neo and Find X3 Pro.

    Both have a 12GB RAM, quad-camera setup, and a dazzling display. Take a look at these 5G Android smartphones and know why these are the best options for you.

    Find X3 Neo - OPPO 5G Phone with 12GB RAM

    The Find X3 Neo is the go-to option for OPPO 5G phone lovers. Aside from its 12GB RAM, it has plenty of features to offer. This Android smartphone packs splurging specs inside an ultra-slim design. It measures around 7.99mm and weighs about 184g which makes it easy to grab and carry.

    OPPO Find X3 Neo Specs

    Processor Snapdragon 865
    Display 6.55-inch AMOLED (1080 x 2400)
    RAM Size 12 GB
    Storage Capacity 256 GB
    Front Camera 32 MP, f/2.4
    Rear Camera Quad-Cam (50MP + 13MP + 16MP + 2MP)
    Battery 4500mAh
    Weight About 184g (6.49 oz)
    OS Android 11, ColorOS 11.2

    OPPO Find X3 Neo has a 6.5-inch AMOLED display with a refresh rate of 90Hz. Its screen resolution is 1080 x 2400p while the phone has Gorilla Glass 5 protection. A 32MP front camera and one billion colours display put together a great show.

    It is equipped with the speedy Snapdragon 865 chipset that delivers smooth performance. This OPPO 5G phone runs on the Android 11 OS and has 256 GB storage capacity.

    OPPO Find X3 Pro – 12GB RAM smartphone with HDR Camera

    OPPO Find X3 Pro is the top choice for mobile gamers and creators. This is the best camera phone that comes with 12GB RAM. It weighs around 193g and has a brilliant display of 6.7 inches.

    OPPO Find X3 Pro Specs

    Processor Snapdragon 888
    Display 6.7-inch QHD+ (1440 x 3216)
    RAM Size 12 GB
    Storage Capacity 256 GB
    Front Camera 32 MP, f/2.4
    Rear Camera Quad-Cam (50MP + 50MP + 13MP + 3MP)
    Battery 4500mAh
    OS Android 11, ColorOS 11.2
    Weight About 193g (6.81 oz)

    The QHD+ display offers a 120Hz refresh rate with a higher resolution of 1440 x 3216p. Thanks to a screen brightness of 1200 and 12GB RAM, you will enjoy smooth gameplay. The latest Qualcomm 888 chipset and 256 GB storage further improves the performance.

    OPPO Find X3 Pro is one of the best smartphones with HDR Cameras. Both wide and ultra-wide lenses are 50MP while there is a 13MP telephoto and a 3MP micro sensor.

    Features That Make Find X3 Series Stand Out

    The latest OPPO 5G phone, Find X3 is an astounding piece of technology. In addition to its “Billion Colour Display”, its dream camera setup is the real deal. This is one of the best 5G Android smartphones with an HDR Camera setup. You can use the phone for social media portraits, selfies, and vlogging. With Find X3, you will have an OPPO 5G phone with 12GB RAM.

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