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  1. Does Mobile Technology Help in Social Distancing?

    OPPO mobiles helps people in Social Distancing

    Well, you all know these are very trying times we are living in. The Covid pandemic has got everyone dazed, confused, and scared. People need to take as much precautions as they can. One of the major precautions is social distancing. But the question is that can the mobile phone technology help in social distancing? Well, stick around and find out

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  2. OPPO Find X3 Pro Review - Is Best Camera Phone of 2021?

    OPPO Find X3 Pro Review - Is Best Camera Phone of 2021?

    The Oppo Find X3 series has come into the tech arcade with a lot of new features in plate. The first launch of the series turns out to be the ultimate flagship mobile: The Oppo Find X3 Pro 5g. This Oppo mobile aims to deliver the best of every spec assembled in it. 

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  3. Find X3 Lite 5G Review - Launch & Specifications

    Find X3 Lite 5g Review

    OPPO mobiles are affordable Android phones with the best camera setup. These are the best smartphones on a budget that one can buy with the latest features. You can easily buy an Oppo 5G phone without having a burning hole in your pocket.

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  4. Is OPPO A53 good for Gaming?

    Is OPPO A53 good for Gaming?

    As the technology is enhancing every day, the mobile devices are becoming more and more futuristic and powerful. A good smartphone now a days has all the power, to let you perform any of your tasks with ease. Gaming is one such task, which many people are now doing on their mobile phones.

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  5. Which OPPO Phone is Best for PUBG?

    Which OPPO Phone is Best for PUBG?

    A yes! Who does not know or play PUBG these days? It is a great first-person shooter game, which lets you interact with your mates and pals. Just make your squad and fire away. As it is done mostly on the handheld devices and mobile phones these days, so what better phone to play it on than a good OPPO phone.

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